In addition to overshadowed food, herbivores may also experience gastrointestinal discomfort

Before being domesticated, dogs belonged to predators. Later, after living with humans, dogs gradually became omnivores based on meat and dog food. But whether it’s meat or omnivores, normally, dogs don’t eat grass. However, in life, many shovel officers will find that their dogs actually graze, very bewildered!

So why do dogs eat grass? The first thing a shovel worker thinks is: a dog may be sick and suffer from anorexia. But this is not always true. There are many reasons dogs eat grass, and eating disorders is just one of them. Here we come to reveal five reasons why dogs eat grass!


1. Anorexia

When a dog lacks some trace elements or is affected by the internal parasite, it will change the taste of the dog and begin to eat some strange things, such as plastic, feces and grass. A shovel employee should observe and understand that if the dog lacks trace elements, some trace elements may be added, if it is caused by a parasite, the dog must be dewormed promptly. .

2. Causing vomiting and self-treatment

Dogs are very intelligent animals. Before they were treated like pets, they ate themselves. Even when the body is uncomfortable, they will seek to soothe and heal themselves. Eating grass is one of them. When your dog eats too much, or eats something hard to digest, causing gastrointestinal discomfort. Dogs instinctively self-regulate by eating grass. If this is the case, when the barn staff often feed the dog, they should pay attention to the right mix of nutrients to avoid dogs with gastrointestinal problems, and they also need to feed the dog some Gudeng’s digestive tract treasure to help regulate the dog’s digestive tract. , Relieves various symptoms of gastrointestinal discomfort in dogs.

Gudeng’s digestive tract treasure is specially developed for pet’s digestive tract characteristics. It is rich in three types of probiotics and four enzyme enzymes, better than the digestive tract treasure of single probiotics formula. In addition, Gudeng’s gastrointestinal treasure uses raw materials, quality and food safety, achieving CE certification of the United States and Europe.

3. Out of curiosity

The dog’s curiosity is very heavy. Out of discovering the unknown, or seeing other animals graze, they will imitate and taste the grass. If this is the case, shovel staff don’t need to worry. When the dog finds that the grass is not good, he will naturally give up and stop eating.

4. Too boring or excited

Unlike highly independent cold cats, dogs need social interaction. If the dog is alone for a long time without a toy, and they are too bored, they will eat grass, in addition, if the dog is kept for a long time Unexpectedly released, because it’s too excited, if you Want to get closer to nature, you can also eat grass.

There are many reasons dogs eat grass. When the shit worker sees that his dog is eating grass, he needs to understand the reason carefully and take the medicine properly ~

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