If you like a dog that is very enthusiastic

If you like a dog that is very enthusiastic about humans then I recommend the following 7 pet dogs, they are all very enthusiastic and kind dogs, no matter how much everyone meets old friends!

Top7: Corgi
If you have ever had a Corgi, you must know that it does not have a grudge, and is especially friendly and enthusiastic to everyone, maybe the Corgi you insulted last second will forget the Corgi after a while. .

So if you have kids in your family, it’s also especially suitable for raising corgis! oldest cockapoo

Top6: Alaska dog
Although Alaska is a large breed, but its personality is very docile, very warm and friendly with everyone, so this is also a very suitable breed to raise in the family.

And the Alaskan dog will meet everyone as an old friend!

Top 5: Samoyed
Samoyed in the tricycle is also a very enthusiastic pet and has no hostility towards humans, Samoyed is especially child-friendly, homes with young children at home are especially suitable for raising.

When you raise a Samoyed, the more you pay attention to your diet, the more you can get teary!

Top4: Labrador
The Labrador Retriever is a very greedy dog, but very loyal to its owner, but when faced with good food, it is easy to bribe, as long as you have food in your hand, you are his old friend.

Labrador breeders recommend that you train it more, and pay attention to the amount it is fed!

Top3: Husky
Husky is a psychoactive dog breed, but very suitable for house keeping but not really suitable for house keeping, when faced with a thief, it may think that someone here plays with it and will enthusiastically treat it. with it.

So if you want to raise a watchdog, then surely a Husky is not suitable for you!

Top2: Bichon Frise
Bichon Frise is a very cute and charming little dog, Bichon Frise is particularly gluttonous, likes people holding food in hand, so when meeting someone it will be very enthusiastic about what he wants to eat. !

Top1: Golden Retriever
I believe anyone who has adopted a golden retriever knows that the golden retriever is enthusiastic about anyone. No matter who you see, you are like meeting an old friend again. No matter what the situation is, it will throw, spin, rub, etc. of the.

However, the Golden Retriever’s excessive enthusiasm may be disliked by others, the owner should improve the Golden Retriever’s situation!

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