If you have done that to you, that means you are not a master

Di has a lively and cute character, and is one of the dogs that many people like, and he also likes to act like a baby. Today we will talk about Teddy, some way of acting like a baby. If you heaven did it to you, that means he doesn’t see you as a master!

Based on master input, based on you

One of Teddy’s interesting ways is to rely on his master, and even rub it twice on his master, acting very dependent on the owner. When Teddy appears acting like a baby, it means that he has treated you as an employer and a family member, so he has such a deep attachment. If your Teddy does not perform this behavior to you, it means that it does not treat you like a server.

I will be in your arms when playing on the phone or watching TV can dogs have pears

When the owner is playing on a mobile phone or watching TV, if your Teddy likes to into your arms, then turns left and right, you have to pay attention to its existence, that means Teddy is acting like a baby to you and hopes Don Don is very focused on playing on the phone and watching TV. Pay attention a little, otherwise it will envy.

I want you to hug me when I’m out, or I’ve won

If Teddy sees you as his master, he will be “you are welcome”, especially after going out. When Teddy gets tired of walking, he doesn’t want to move. It will allow the owner to keep it, or he will not go. I believe many pet owners have experienced this. Although this is too much for Teddy, in fact, only Teddy loves his owner and sees you as the owner who can exhibit this behavior.

Will roll and sell cute in front of the owner, revealing his own pregnant belly

If your Teddy suddenly rolls in front of you, showing his cuteness or even revealing his belly, the pet owner doesn’t need to be surprised. This is really Teddy expressing his love for you. When it truly considers you its owner, it will have such a cooperative way. If your Teddy has never done anything to you, that means you are not considered the owner.

I keep licking you after I go home

Teddy has another way to act like a baby, which is to keep licking you after you get home. Because Teddy is home alone when he is at work, he will be lonely, so when he comes home, Teddy will lick you to show his memory and act like a baby. Of course, it’s also possible that Teddy is hungry, so the pet owner can reward Teddy with some snacks to calm the heart he misses you or his hungry stomach.

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