If you do it wrong, you will be punished

If you do it wrong, you will be punished, as is the case with humans and pets. Pets of many people have done something wrong. If it’s a trivial matter, people won’t be held accountable. They feel that they don’t know anything and how they can be punished, but this is wrong.

The owner is not this type of person and will not be familiar with his pet. The host’s pet is a cute and naughty dog. It is often very mischievous and loves to bite at things. This time it bites into the host’s data cable again. The landlord is very angry. You have to know that things like wires are still Dangerous, the next time it’s something connected to electricity, the dog could be life-threatening.

So the owner gave the dog a strict meal, but the owner felt that was not enough, the dog was very mischievous and would probably commit again the next time so the owner came up with the owner. Find a rope and take the dog away. His mouth was tied can dogs eat asian pears.

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The dog was in great pain and did not think that he should be punished like this, he stood quietly, motionless, and the owner was ruthless and ignored the dog.

The owner thinks that the punishment this time will surely remember that the dog will definitely remember that the next time he must not dare to do it, his master’s good intentions, hope the dog will sympathize.
The mother is the greatest in the world, and humans and animals both have a mother and child. Animal births are also very difficult.

These are two boys who were raised by netizens, one male and one female, two grooms who lived together since childhood and gradually grew up, a while ago, the female lead and the second became a mother.

Not long after her mother’s growing womb, about to give birth, Erha’s father was very worried, the whole family was looking forward to it, everyone was wary.

On this day, when the homeowner came home from work and saw that Erha was about to give birth, so hurriedly put down her bag to help Erha’s mother deliver, Erha’s father returned to the cage, feeling very bothered.

Seeing Erha’s mother in pain, Erha’s father screamed too but the delivery went well, a few pretty babies left after a while.

But ever since Erha’s mother gave birth to a baby, her attitude towards Erha’s father got worse, and she ignored Erha’s father while breastfeeding and kicked Erha’s father out of the cage.

Erha’s father was really sad, he felt he was wrong and did nothing wrong. Why would you do that? Erha’s mother suffers from postpartum depression, everything will be fine after a while
When many people keep pets, they will listen to the suggestions of others, be it family members, coworkers, or online strangers, but in reality, each pet has a unique personality. different ways and preferences should be your choice. Destiny.

The owner recently wanted to keep a pet and everyone around him advised him to keep a dog, but what should he have? It happened to be a friend of the owner of a golden retriever at home. The friend said that the golden retriever is very cute and usually good. My little padded jacket is very intimate. The owner was touched, also raised a golden dog, when brought back, it was okay, the golden dog gradually changed its coat. Perhaps the Golden Retriever is accustomed to the environment here and starts to do whatever he wants, while the owner is not at home, he makes a mess of his house and sees everything as a toy for himself.

The host came home in the evening, saw all this and was very angry.

The host gave the Golden Retriever a cruel meal. The Golden Retriever expressed his discontent, grabbed the door handle, fearing that the host would close the door on its own. The owner was both angry and funny, the fire in his heart also slowly disappeared.

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