If you do find a stray dog ​​on the road

If you do find a stray dog ​​on the road, your first reaction is definitely to help it find its owner, especially those breeds, guessing that they are likely to get lost on their own, for so even if you bring them home temporarily, To help it find its owner. But for owners who deliberately abandoned dogs there is really no need to send them back, otherwise it will be very easy to cause secondary damage to the dog, today I will tell the story of the abandoned Labrador.

Netizens live in a certain community. Netizens tried to go downstairs to retrieve a courier, but found a Labrador next to the courier cabinet, but could not find its owner around. Netizens observed carefully and guessed that he was only about 5 months old, his body was very thin, his ribs were visible, he did not know how the owner fed, netizens vaguely could have mistreated the owner. with it.

This Labrador retriever is not afraid of people, netizens just gently call it a runaway. Netizens waited for a while but did not see anyone pass, worried that the dog outside would be dangerous, so they planned to take it home temporarily! At home, netizens made a pot of food for him, hungry and swallowed.

After Labrador ate and drank enough, netizens learned to give some instructions about the dog to see if it did that. Unexpectedly very smart, everything will sit down and shake hands! This makes netizens even more sure that it has a previous owner and that it is a Labrador after all, so no one has the heart to leave this dog! Although she was a bit thinner, or might have been hungry for a while, netizens still decided to print out some nearby search notices to see if they could find its owner.

But the revelation has been posted for a few days and there is no news, until once, netizens came down to disclose it, met a dog before he knew the dog’s life experience. It turned out that 10 days ago the uncle took the dog for a walk to the community gate, saw someone leading the dog to the curb, the driver drove away, but Labrador hid in the community out of fear. Netizens quickly responded to it.

This also verified the netizens’ previous speculations, but when they learned the truth, they were still a bit surprised, why was even such an intelligent Labrador abandoned? The netizen immediately decided to tear up all the published disclosures, even if the old owner actually found it, he had no intention of returning the dog, the former owner was not a person. love dogs at all! After netizens got home that day, Labrador put on slippers, as if it were ready and started a new life in the new host’s house! This makes netizens more determined to stay here, continue to care and nurture it for a lifetime!

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