If there is a common problem with cute dogs

If there is a common problem with cute dogs, it is estimated that many people will say they are greedy, yes, no matter what breed they are, they cannot escape the fate of greediness, and they do. Can be sold cute to eat. , Do stupid things without knowing, even the best golden-haired hounds cannot avoid this problem.

The Golden Retriever has always been a praised dog, after all, this dog has done too much emotional work. But the Golden Retriever is also notoriously gluttonous. A netizen’s Golden Retriever has been running out for a day and hasn’t been home for a long time. The owner is not interested in it. It has rioted many food shops and many people know this. Greedy guy, although greedy, but also measured, not too much.

When the owner was sitting in the park near the house to enjoy the cool, when his dog appeared behind a green car, this guy did not come, but just stood looking at it far away, the owner hurriedly called. Jin Mao approached but this guy hesitated, not knowing what was going on, was it because he made a mistake and did not dare to see his master?

The owner curiously stepped forward, but found that there was something hanging from the neck of the golden retriever, it was a piece of green paper, would the dog have any trouble? The landlord is very worried and is busy pulling the golden wool through. A good man turns his head lonely, master hurries, doesn’t he have any responsibility? What are you running?

Sure, this guy got into trouble, and notes it “IOU”, and it says “I didn’t pay for my 8 pies.”

Nice guy, no wonder I dared not go to see the master, it turned out that he was greedy and eats other people’s food, went out for so long have you eaten by yourself? Your life is so rich, as an owner, you didn’t know it was “embarrassing”.
It is said that the baby is the natural enemy of the dog, although the dog is very fierce outside, but in front of him he is like a big brother, no matter how he bully the dog, he will not get angry, even make it. some things to offend. A heartwarming move. A bad dog will bite people, usually in two cases, one is after giving birth, the other is being robbed of food, when the dog is eating, it is suddenly taken away by his little owner. How will it respond?

A huge German shepherd dog raised by an overseas netizen, the German shepherd dog, although tall, ferocious and used as a police dog, is very intelligent and loyal, nowadays many families live in Foreign countries also raise it so that they can play with their children. No, during lunchtime, a German Shepherd was eating food given to him in his bowl when suddenly a small hand grabbed the dog’s pot and forcefully took it away, he looked up and saw that it was his little master. me. .

After seeing him as the small master, Demu didn’t feel angry at all, he felt the boy had just peeled his skin so he pulled out the rice bowl and continued to eat. The child looked at the dog bewildered, then unconvincingly snatched the rice bowl, the German Shepherd still hooked the rice bowl very gently and took two bite, but the child got angry and scolded the German Shepherd. Demu looked at the master with a dumbfounded expression. Demu: If you don’t take this baby, I’ll call the police.

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