If the owner does not provide further training

6 months ago, the dog’s nervous system was not fully developed and it could not control its own bowel movements and urine well. If the owner does not provide further training, it is estimated that this situation will last. Of course, if the dog’s body is affected by some unfavorable factors, it is possible to urinate many times in a short time, if your Corgi is peeed several times a day, pet owners should pay more attention to observe, find out the cause of urination many times, thereby helping it to handle this problem.

1. Lack of training

6-month-old Corgi is not old enough so it is not good at holding urine and urinating in a fixed place. Pet owners should be more patient and increase their urination training. Don’t educate them by beating and yelling. Ji, this can make it a stress response and a fear of urine.

It’s best to give the Corgi a snack every time it is convenient to go to a fixed place or touch them more on the head to compliment them. Also pay attention to clean their feces and urine, if there is a smell of their feces in the house. It can then be stimulated to urinate, keeping the room clean, training the Corgi to urinate more in a fixed place, so that they can form a habit of not peeing and not worry too much as they become proficient.

2. Increase drinking salt water after eating

If the pet owner always asks Corgi to eat food with too much oil and salt will increase the amount of water to dilute the salinity, if the food is too salty it will harm the kidneys and cause frequent and short urination. Therefore, always pay attention to bland diet, do not let Corgi eat human leftovers and food is too dry, irritable, water in pots must be kept new and replenished, change water so that Corgi has enough drinking water. . , Speed ​​up your own metabolism.

3. Urinary abnormalities

Urinary tract infections, cystitis, kidney disease and other diseases can also cause the Corgi to urinate often, if the Corgi only pee many times but the mental and physical state is not too abnormal then you miscible when fed. Take some pets in and watch them to see if their urination improves. If after half a day the condition still does not improve and the mental state of Corgi is not very good then it is best to take it to the pet hospital to see if there are any urinary or kidney problems. listen to your doctor’s advice for appropriate treatment and care. .

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