If the German Shepherd is not “banned”, would you choose to keep one?

German Shepherd dogs are great working dogs, but don’t forget that they are also great family dogs. Unfortunately, it has been banned by many cities. Now let Vial see a topic that says “If the German Shepherd is not banned, will you have one?” Let’s consider its advantages!

Domineering and generous appearance

German shepherds all love the generosity and good looks of German shepherds. They have a very strong aura of self-worth. Most dog owners who keep German shepherds do not like to take pictures before raising their dogs, but since keeping them, they are definitely a madman. Especially friends with the male dogs, this can only be understood by German shepherds.

High profit rate

De Shepherd’s appearance is very authoritarian and generous, and when he takes the dog out, the turnaround rate of people is relatively high. This will make many pet owners feel very proud and proud. Perhaps you can still attract the other half, just because of this, isn’t the incense to feed a German shepherd?

May take your life to protect you

German shepherds are famous for their high loyalty. If you keep the German Shepherd, when you are in danger, it will appear to save you for the first time, or even take your life to protect you. Such a dog is really worth keeping, it is amazing!


The German shepherd’s IQ is very high, so the training is quite simple, but when training the German Shepherd, the owner must pay attention to a clear and neat password, so that he can learn quickly. .

Also, you should give it some molar snacks during training, so that the German Shepherd will learn faster and better. Remember not to rush, and you must be patient!

Not picky eaters

German shepherds are usually not picky eaters, basically they will eat whatever their owners offer. But what the dog eats must be taken seriously, not the dog who likes to eat. They do not know how to judge the quality of food, so they need to be carefully selected by the owner.

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