I don’t know if you’ve heard of birds like pelicans

I don’t know if you’ve heard of birds like pelicans. They are relatively rare. Ordinary people may have heard of them, let alone see them, but there’s a man who keeps this kind of bird at home. After listening to it, I felt a bit strange. Where did he get it?

This man also got the bird by chance. Of course, after receiving it, he loved it. He could not put it down. He must protect her every day. At the same time, he also gives him a very good partner, a loyal dog. dog.


This bird also has a great temper and is often mistreated. This dog cannot be said to be abused, but can be said to be bullied. After all, the dog is very honest. He even treated it like that. Everything a bird makes for a dog.

This is because the bird directs the mouth directly into the dog’s mouth. After all, its mouth is longer, like a duck’s, but it is longer than the duck’s mouth. He brought his mouth directly to the dog’s mouth, the dog was especially docile and docile, not toss at all.

After that, he even covered the whole dog’s head with his mouth, and the dog didn’t have to toss. After all, he has lived together for a long time, and still has feelings for the moment. After reading it, he was very miserable. It is really being bullied like this.

Everyone should know that a Husky is a very funny dog. Because of his low IQ, he often does things that make his employer laugh there, so many people now like to raise a Husky, although sometimes He will cause a lot of trouble at home.

A friend has a Husky friend in the family. He often likes to play with his Husky when he’s idle and has nothing to do at home. However, his friend recently discovered that his Husky did not know what was going on, but he liked to bite at home. I also like to bite expensive things, making my friends especially angry.

When this friend came home, he found that his Husky was not biting, but biting his friend. At that moment, he was especially shocked and thought of a way to bite the door. Then the friend stood behind and looked at his Husky. After a while, my friend found out that Husky was actually biting the door.

Later, my friend discovered that his own Husky actually plugged his head into the hole, and then his friend discovered that Husky could not pull out. The friend was there and laughed, thinking his dog was really stupid and then rushed over to help him out of his head.

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