I believe that the friends who have raised the dog know that feeding

I believe that the friends who have raised the dog know that feeding the dog is the owner’s daily habit, when the meal comes the dogs start to be restless, waiting for the meal, when the bell rings, they all run. to bring rice bowls with expectation. Tiny eyes!

The dog owner too, when it is time to feed, all the dogs are hungry and anxious, run ahead, someone even picked up the dog’s pot, the dog can do anything when they are worried.

Some dogs still stare at their owners, seemingly complaining, complaining that the staff shoveled too slowly and that he was hungry after eating late at night. This small personality is really arrogant

The dogs look sad, and their chubby body seems to imply that they will starve to death if not fed! How fat you are!

God, this plump body, in general the dog is not this fat, the belly can drag the floor, the owner’s food is too much.

The owner posted this scene online, netizens really couldn’t stand it: this dog can’t eat anymore, is it hungry!
We all know that we should live in harmony with animals. Animal is human’s best friend. We also know that dogs are humanity’s most loyal friend. Therefore, many people will keep dogs indoors for a long time and they will have a relationship with the dog. Emotions and dogs seem to know how to be grateful and will reward us in some way

The family of a netizen has a puppy and the dog is very small, it’s a small milk dog, the netizen also has a small baby. So, on weekdays, baby and baby dog ​​often play together. The baby is very close and affectionate, the two of you go together. Today’s netizens looked over and saw the baby sleeping with his dog, the picture was extremely warm.

Seeing the baby sleeping while still thinking of holding the milk dog, the milk dog’s front paws also grabbed the baby’s arms, sleeping very soundly, just as netizens prepared to help them capture this moment. , Xiao The baby turned around making netizens want to see if the dog was awakened, unexpectedly the dog woke up but was motionless in that position.

Before turning the baby, the dog grabbed the baby’s arm, but after the baby turned, the dog remained in that position, motionless, just watching the little owner sleep quietly, it turned out that it was afraid to disturb the owner’s sleep. Move it. It seems that dogs are really loyal to humans, as long as we treat them well, they will know how to reward us.

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