I believe that all netizens have been educated

I believe that all netizens have been educated by their parents since they were young, some use sticks, some people use slippers, of course, if they make mistakes, they will be beaten. Little animals sometimes have a lesson.

The netizen Erha, today made a mistake again because of the shop owner’s permission, the boy was too hungry and worried so she turned up the dishes at home and carried them everywhere.

Netizens called the dog over and wanted to strictly teach him, but the dog did not know why it was wrong, just looked at the owner with innocent eyes, but the owner did not eat it.

The owner just told him to say it, do not worry that the dog could not serve each meal, let alone knock the dishes over, the owner even held the hanger in his hand to teach the dog.

The owner was more excited to talk, he put a hanger on the dog’s neck, scared the dog, tears in his eyes, he did not make a fuss as usual, he was obedient.

Puppy Eyes: Dogs' Secret People Manipulation Weapon

But this trick is quite helpful. After the master’s lesson, the whole afternoon the dog obediently did not dare to make a fuss. It slowly steps out when mastering, otherwise it will be frustrating at
In fact, a dog’s personality is also related to its owner. If the owner likes to eat meat, he can regularly feed the dog, which will allow the dog to form such a habit of eating meat, or the active owner, regularly pull the dog out. Your dog will also enjoy being active.

When the new owner has a dog, this dog is very cute and very nice to the owner, when the owner has nothing to do, he likes to clean the dog, bathe the dog, trim the dog’s nails, and give the dog. I am cutting feathers, but the owner recently is very busy and does not have much time to take care of the dog, so he sent the dog back to his hometown, because the parents are very nice so the owner does not worry. Then, a while later, when the owner returned to see the dog, he discovered that the husky had changed. The husks are now dark and not the same as before.

It turns out that because the owner adopts husky as a native dog or the adoption policy, without the care of the owner, the dog is very taciturn, always likes to roll around on the ground and does not recognize the dog to bathe so new dogs turned out to be like today. Look like.

The owner is also speechless when he sees the dog, after a while the dog will continue, not having the good habits he had cultivated before.

Although the owner is worried, he is still reluctant to bring the dog, hoping he can take the dog away.
We often praise friendship in many ways, for apart from family and love, friendship has touched us the most, in fact, friendship in the animal world is also touching.

A man wanted to raise a cute puppy so he went to a dog farm at the recommendation of a friend. In this kennel, the man saw a cage with a large dog inside, on closer inspection he discovered that there was indeed a puppy on the Tibetan clam breed.

The man felt very worried when he saw this scene, would the owner want the Tibetan clam to eat the puppies? However, no bloody scene happened and made the man feel very warm, it was the puppy that did not make the big dog more angry.

Although this large dog looks very ferocious, it can be said to treat the puppy a lot, the puppy is only on the big dog, and the big dog does not react.

The rancher saw the man very curious and explained to him that the two dogs have a very deep friendship. Dogs and dogs have been with this large dog since they were children, so the two can be said to be very friendly.

And this big dog is very old, without this puppy companion, then I do not know how long the big dog will give up hope of survival, so the rancher has put these two dogs together.

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