Huskies are aliases for the Siberian Huskys

Huskies are aliases for the Siberian Huskys, but we prefer to call them “Erha” or “Erhuo” for a more intimate look. Although some huskies always have a contemptuous and cruel look, they are actually very shy and docile, when taken seriously, their eyes will appear cruel, as if they are being possessed by a wolf. follow. This is due to the fact that they are closely related to the breed of wolves. Today’s huskies are very docile and the best choice for everyone’s pet dogs, and they also have the title of “House Terminator”!

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Husky’s popularity is similar to that of the Golden Retriever, although the two are not on par in intelligence, but their active and active personalities are not inferior to each other. At home, the golden retriever is very obedient, lying quietly in the living room with his eyes closed. Huskies can no longer idle, tumbling around all the time, purely a monkey. The patient master would hold onto the second man, feign anger and scare him, and let it stop for a while. It’s hard to say if you are hot-tempered or not. Cruel treatment of animals is common. These are the people who don’t want to have pets. This has happened in our community. That day I came home from work and saw a husky lying on the ground motionless at the community gate. Seeing everyone’s gaze a bit scared and showing a bit of defense, is this different from the usual husky performance? Generally speaking, Erha, whether acquaintances or strangers, wouldn’t show such an expression, this was their irreversible personality in the future.

I called the guard and asked him if he knew the dog, I didn’t have much impression of it. The security guard came to see: I know, the master will often take it out for walks in the future, so I contacted Erhuo’s owner by phone. But after the call was connected and understood our intentions, we not only did not go downstairs to pick up the dog but also angrily cursed… the guard cut off the phone with a shocked and slightly angry expression. After the guard told me, I learned that the dog at home was bored so he broke the furniture and made a mess in the house, I said it many times but I didn’t listen. After something happened several times, I couldn’t help it anymore, I fought and was stoned at the door, ignoring.

After knowing the reason, we were all very dissatisfied with the dog owner’s behavior, which obviously tortured the dog. Thao is not moving on the ground, calling is also useless, turns out to be injured. After being taken to the hospital for examination, making people even more angry, Erhuo suffered no minor injuries, and there were many more cracks on his body, including his pelvis. The owner of this dog is too forgiving! Since you have a second child, you must be responsible for them and treat them with compassion. Don’t beat and scold them just because you made a mistake. Seeing these two lines that I could not stand, decided to raise this child, perhaps it was touched by my behavior, it took the initiative and slowly approached me, it seemed I needed treatment. I squatted down to comfort its hurt soul!

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