How to tell your dog’s mood through his face

A dog’s mood is indicated by body language. There are many strange actions that your dog can do to signal his owner emotions. Maybe the ears are puckered, tail wagging, scratching the dirt … But like humans, we can see their facial expressions to predict their mood. Let’s find out about his facial expressions.


Do dogs really show mood through their faces?

According to the survey results of American scientists at Walden University, they believe that dogs are also capable of displaying facial expressions. Humans can detect a dog’s mood based on those expressions.

We all know dogs are happy to be fed and we know their moods. Moreover, Professor Harris Friedman, Dr. Tina Bloom and his colleagues believe that many people can recognize more subtle expressions on a dog’s face. For example, moments of sadness, anger, fear, disgust or surprise. People can understand each other’s mood through facial expressions. And of course, it’s the same for dogs. They understand what they mean through facial language.

According to experts, a dog goes through stages of growth faster than a normal human. They are perfect at 4 – 6 months old. At that time, their brain has emotions equivalent to a 2 and a half year old baby. Their feelings are inherently very simple, if you are a good owner then of course you will understand what they want.

Recognize your dog’s mood based on his facial expression

Mood detection experiments were performed on a 5-year-old dog named Mal. Mal is owned by the police force. It belongs to the Belgian shepherd dog breed. Experiment creating different emotional situations in Mal, then photographed and recorded. Scientists invited 50 people to view this image and judge Mal’s mood and emotions.

The team found that joy in dogs was most detectable, with an 88% correct rate. Following that, the angry mood increased by 70%. sadness is perceived by 45% and 37% of people. Very few people find surprise or boredom in dogs. They belong to the group of people who often have a lot of experience in raising dogs. Thus, an ordinary person can also recognize the psychology of the dog. These feelings are easily recognizable on their face.

The benefits of understanding your dog’s mood through his face

Dogs do not use sounds and signals to send messages. A dog’s mood is manifested in body language. Especially with facial expressions to express my mood. By knowing your dog’s body language, you will know what they think. Know when they’re happy, sad, or scared. Thereby the owner can share with them in the most timely manner.

Dogs are very loyal but also very sensitive. The big “me”, the fact that they consider themselves the center position sometimes makes us feel uncomfortable. Therefore, communication between the dog and the owner is very important. Not only is it increasing the intimacy and intimacy between the two parties, it is also a way for the owner to better understand the dog.

Hopefully, the above sharing will help you have a more multi-faceted view of your dog’s mood. Dogs have their own feelings too. Of course they also need a friend to share. And that person is none other than you. If they show joy on their faces, then go ahead and have fun together. But if the face has a sad expression, you should stroke and comfort them. Maybe they’ll feel a lot better.

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