How to supplement nutrition for mother dog?

The female dog will consume a lot of energy during childbirth and the dog’s body will be especially weak after birth. When each female dog gives birth, parents will silently wait around to prevent the dog from needing, and they can take care of the dog better. So, what should a bitch eat after she is born?


From a medical standpoint, it is important that the delivery dogs take good care of the work, and the diet is especially important. After birth, dogs not only need a lot of nutrition and energy, but also provide more nutrition and energy for puppies. Therefore, parents should prepare some high-protein, high-energy foods to pet dogs. At the same time, be careful not to rush those hard foods to the bitch, this will easily increase the burden on the digestive tract of the bitch, which is not good for newly born dogs. If you have gastrointestinal problems, you should feed on Gudeng probiotics in time.

Parents can give it some brown sugar water or chicken soup to help replenish energy during production. After the dog is delivered, you can prepare some eggs, milk powder, lean meat, cornstarch, vegetables and other foods to make dog food delicious and nutritious. Pay attention to the addition of calcium, vitamins and proteins after bitch production. Therefore, processed foods should be diversified, and it is best to provide Guden goat milk powder to ensure nutrition is balanced and sufficient to meet the different needs of bitches and puppies.

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