How to raise standard Arowana with water filtration system and lighting

Breeding arowanas is relatively difficult. Not everyone can do it. As you know, Dragon fish is a group of large, blade shaped freshwater fish. In the aquarium world, the Asian arowana is ranked first by its beauty, uniqueness and spirituality because it is thought that: Arowana is a symbol of luck, prosperity, Happiness and dispel evil spirits make feng-shui better.

At present, the value of the Dragon fish is being pushed up more and more due to their outstanding advantages. However, you already know how to breed Arowanas to reproduce to get the best results.


How to raise the dragon fish quickly

Arowana includes many different types. The breeds of Dragon fish that are most cultured in feng-shui include: over-aged Kim Long, Red Dragon fish, Kim Long Hong Vi fish, Thanh Long fish …

How to raise the dragon fish to grow quickly is also different. For those who are just starting to raise arowanas, because they are not familiar with the types, they will want to find the best, best type of Dragon fish.

How to raise the dragon fish breeds like Ngan Long well after about 1 year can grow to 60cm, maximum size 1 – 1.2m
How to raise the Dragon fish breeds like Kim Long scientifically after 1 year can be up to 40cm long, adult fish longer than 60cm
The correct way to raise the Red Dragon fish is about 1 year old, about 40cm long, full grown, and over 70cm in size
How to raise the dragon fish quickly to grow up needs to ensure good adaptability. Farmers do not need to pay too much attention when raising. When sick, this fish also easily recovers.

How to raise the dragon fish quickly should pay attention to resistance to diseases than Ngan Long. Kim Long has the weakest health, the most competitive of the three fish breeds, and the bones are also more fragile.

What kind of dragon fish should we raise?

How to raise Red Dragon fish

If you want to know which type of arowana should be the most beautiful, you can consider the Hong Long and Kim Long types. They are loved by the majority of people, and the prices are quite high. Among the Red Dragon fish branch, the Red Dragon chili is the most precious.

The shape of the Red Dragon and the Kim Long Arowana does not differ much. They have a slightly pointed tip, the fin color starting with the gill cover pulled down.

During the time when the fish starts to color, the speed and intensity of the color determines the color of the fish’s body. So when choosing the Red Dragon fish, first pay attention to the gill area. After that, observing the form and state of the fish also need attention.

How to raise fish dragon Kim Long

Among the types of Golden Dragon fish, Kim Long is too young to be loved and sought by many people. Raising a glowing full body Kim Long is something everyone wants. However, many people pay too much attention to the back color and take lightly the scales.

If you want to know the quality of a Kim Long arowana, looking at the scales is also quite important. Compare one Dragon fish with thick, wide, colorless scales, another one with only narrow scales, up to the 6th row of scales.

Should choose sparkling full body will be better. Development in the later stages of the fish is not bad either. If you choose a fish with six rows of bright scales, a discoloration is likely later on. Thus, breeding arowanas will not be good.

How to raise fish dragon Thanh Long

If you do not know what kind of fish to raise, you can refer to how to raise dragon fish. Lower price. Compared to other types of Dragon fish, it is smaller, small but round.

The fish from an early age has a pale yellow color similar to that of Kim Long. For special fish, the price will be slightly changed. Depending on the appearance, color and appearance of the Arowana. If well developed, it is possible to breed arowanas.

How to raise fish Dragon Dragon

There is one type that can also be included in the nomination list, so which one of the most beautiful arowanas is Ngan Long. The Dragon Fish has a variant, the whole body is white as snow.

Or called the platinum Dragon fish. Since this is quite rare, it is quite expensive. Currently, all over the world, Vietnam, all love these Dragon fish breeds. A lot of people want to learn how to breed Dragon fish breeds.

For each person, there will be a different way of breeding arowanas. To comment should raise the arowana the most beautiful fish is not the same. Because each individual has its own preferences.

That is why there is no standard answer to this question. Moreover, there is no prettiest, best, only better, prettier. For experienced fish farmers, outdoor arowanas with a beautiful aquarium is not a problem.

Designing outdoor dragon aquarium

Size of some types of Dragon aquariums

  • Small type: 80 * 45 * 45cm, 90 * 45 * 45cm, 120 * 50 * 50cm
  • Medium: 150 * 60 * 60cm, 180 * 60 * 60cm, 180 * 70 * 70cm
  • Large: 200 * 60 * 60cm, 200 * 80 * 80cm, 200 * 100 * 80cm

Ngan Long has a large size, flexible body, so the tank should be large enough for them to freely swim. The aquarium is about 80 – 150cm in length, which can be used to keep fish. However, the larger the tank, the better the health of the fish. If the fish is about 1m long, the tank length needs at least 2m for the fish to grow best.

In contrast, the Kim Long and Hong Long fish farming methods have a relatively hard skeletal system. Therefore, they are not as easy to change direction as the Ngan Long.

According to the experience of many longtime fish players, outdoor Dragon aquariums need to be 3 times the length of the fish body, 1.5 times the width is ideal.

In general, the outdoor Dragon fish tank as wide as possible, the 2m * 1m * 80cm size is ideal for the fish to grow healthy and comfortably. Good for breeding arowanas.

Things to note when releasing fish

Before releasing fish into outdoor arowanas, need to aerate the tank at least 24 hours to filter out all chlorine gas in the water. If using microorganisms to filter the gas, the best water to reach pH 6-7, temperature about 25 degrees.

Add 1 or 2 teaspoons of table salt for every 20 liters of water. This helps to reduce harmful bacteria to the fish, furthermore stimulating the fish to eat better.

It is best to buy young arowanas so that they can easily adapt to the environment. If possible, it is possible to reuse old water that used to raise arowanas, provided that the old water is not a problem. Well done will ensure the fast growing and healthy dragon fish farming.

The amount of old water accounts for 1/3 of the water in the tank, helping the fish quickly get used to the new environment. Even if you are keeping a breeding arowana.

Outdoor Dragon aquarium water filtration system

Mechanical filter

Arowana is a rather voracious aquarium fish, the bigger they are, the stronger they will eat. In particular, they are very fond of fresh bait such as worms, meat … Therefore, every day their excretion is very large. In addition to waste, uneaten food is also a source of water pollution.

Therefore, the first requirement of an outdoor Dragon aquarium water filtration system is to have a filter for food and fish waste. These substances are filtered through a filter of wool or cotton wool. Most of the filters on the market have such a structure.

This filter is usually located on the bottom of the outdoor arowana aquarium. Works to absorb the residue without making the water cloudy. Usage is quite simple and easy to find and buy in the market.

Currently, on the market, there are many types of specialized foods that reduce the ability to turbid the tank water while ensuring nutrition for fish. There are specialized food fish when breeding arowanas.

Microbiological filter for the Dragon aquarium

Among the aquarium water filters, microbiological filters are currently the most popular. This system has many advantages. Microbiological filtration system is capable of removing toxins in the water. Includes ammonia (NH3), nitrite (NO2-), nitrate (NO3-).

These substances accumulate in the outdoor Dragon aquarium over time and are difficult to remove if only a conventional filtration system is used. Arowanas are extremely sensitive species, they can stop eating and impair their health. Fish are very susceptible to disease and can die in a short time. If breeding arowanas, you need to pay great attention.

This system is extremely important, indispensable when designing an outdoor Dragon aquarium. The essence of micro-filtration is to use microorganisms to decompose ammonia. Certain types of bacteria can convert nitrate into nitrogen (N2) gas released into the air.

Care should be taken to use suitable materials to create conditions for the growth of beneficial microorganisms for fish. These materials include sandpaper, lava, coral reefs, filter ceramics and filter porcelain, smart filter materials …

Chemical filter

For the Arowana, heavy metals and chemical elements are also very dangerous. The current popular filtration systems often use activated carbon, which absorbs substances such as copper, iron, manganese, phosphorus, calcium, chlorine …

The use of activated carbon will make your outdoor arowana tank cleaner, helping to remove odors and color. Because activated carbon made from coconut fiber has very strong absorbent properties. However, activated carbon can affect the growth of beneficial microorganisms and reduce vitamins in water.

According to experts, activated carbon should only be used when the outdoor Dragon aquarium is seriously polluted. Activated carbon can be used to remove the drug after the treatment period, to help remove the color and excess substances from the drug.

Above are 3 important parts that need to be in the outdoor Dragon aquarium water filtration system, you can refer and use accordingly.

How to place the outdoor Arowana tank sunken light on a beautiful color

Those who love to breed Arowana who breed during their rearing process must install a light system. If there is no lighting system, it has an effect on their color and iridescence. In which, recessed lights and ceiling lights must be installed.

Mainly to have enough time to shine when breeding arowanas. Moreover, it has a very important effect on the coloration of the fish.

So if you keep the Dragon fish spawning in the tank, you should arrange the light to sink the aquarium. This is a problem that many newcomers want to learn when breeding arowanas

The effect of installing lights for outdoor Dragon aquariums

Raising the arowana, light is a necessary condition. This is also a trick to promote the Arowana color, increasing the iridescence. Beautiful Arowana is shown in appearance and color. This is the standard beauty in determining their value. If you let the fish color, it will take a long time. It will not even be as beautiful as the owner wishes.

The only way left is to use recessed lights and ceiling lights for outdoor Dragon aquariums. This is a fish coloring and stimulating method that is loved and used by all aquarists. Both safe and effective.

Select a location for outdoor Dragon aquariums

Led lights in the front, ceiling lights must be installed in a place that can light the aquarium Dragon spawning. If not, installing lights wouldn’t work.

So in the end, how should we arrange sink lights, ceiling lights in the tank, and how to breed Dragon aquariums? Many of you who love Arowana are very confused with the arrangement of lights in the water.

If you put the light in the water in the aquarium, the Dragon spawns 20cm below the water surface, it will affect the landscape. Put it below, the filament is not long enough. Located in the central part of the water, the rays of light emitted in the water, the fish are also more beautiful but fear of eye collapse.

In fact, the submersible light is placed parallel to the water surface, the light rays that fit the aquarium at an angle of 45 ° are relatively ideal. In addition, when turning on the light can also be seen as using a heat pipe, a double job.

The location of the lamp price is based on the advantage of a smooth, even, light-beam, relatively uniform distribution of the ceiling lamp tube. So can be installed in the middle of an outdoor arowana aquarium.

Install recessed lights to prevent fish eye collapse

How to raise the dragon fish to breed to avoid eye collapse should use a combination of ceiling lights and sunken lamps. Especially the perfectionist of many fishers.

Always wish and hope that the dragon fish raised will be beautiful, his eyes sparkle with god. Therefore, it is not only required to use a combination of ceiling and recessed lamps, but also must pay attention to the location of the lamp. How to raise the arowana outdoors with the right light.

Only the use of scientifically sound reasonable lights can achieve effects in both ways. At the same time can make the Dragon Fish grow healthier and more beautiful. Color up in the most natural and durable way.

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