How to raise Ngu Sac Phoenix fish to eat well?

Ca Phuong Hoang Ngu Sac English name is Ram Cichlid. Is a freshwater fish breed native to Venezuela. Nowadays, Phuong Hoang Ngu Sac is bred and raised as aquarium fish in many countries on all continents.

There is a variation that many people hunt for is Phuong Hoang Lam. In our country, this aquarium fish is very popular and is often raised as an ornamental or stocked aquarium.


Characteristics of Phuong Hoang Ngu Sac

Size and color

The Phuong Hoang Ngu Sac has a rich color, mainly blue. The fish’s body has a long diamond shape, its body is flat, and its tail fin is fan-shaped. I am about 6 – 8cm long.

The body has a light blue color, the body is covered with colorful flower spots to make jade. In the light they sparkle beautifully. That’s why it is called Phuong Hoang Ngu Sac. The price of Phuong Hoang Ngu Sac is also very diverse, depending on the color of each fish.

The upper mouth of the Fish Phuong Hoang Ngu Sac is reddish-orange in color, the lower mouth is golden-yellow, the gill cover is covered with spots of jade blue.

On the body of the Phuong Hoang Ngu Sac, there are 5 straight colored belts. The fins are pale yellow, and covered with cyan spots. The male’s fins are shaped like a saddle.

Other types of phoenix fish

In addition to the fish variety Phuong Hoang Ngu Sac, the market today also appears short Phuong Hoang Lam, yellow dwarf Phuong Hoang Ngu Sac … Depending on your preference, you can choose which type to raise. In which, many people are more interested in the price of Phuong Hoang Lam fish.

The Ngu Sac Phoenix Fish is a gentle and shy tropical aquarium fish. That is why you should keep them in a relatively quiet environment and no direct sunlight.

In the aquarium should grow a variety of algae to provide them with a hiding place for Ngu Sac Phoenix fish. You can breed them with other small tropical fish. If raising Phuong Hoang fish spawns, they should be raised separately.

Habitat of Phuong Hoang Ngu Sac

Water Environment

In the natural environment, fish live in temperatures around 25.5 – 29.5 ° C. PH: 6.8 ~ 7.2. Water hardness 5 ~ 10dhg. They prefer weakly acidic water. The water for fish farming should be clean, the light should not be too much.

A freshwater fish that lives in the bottom layer. They have omnivorous behavior, and any type of food can be absorbed. So there is no need to pay too much attention to fish food.

The fish has a gentle personality, can be cultured in combination with other fish. However, they still have territorial instincts, especially during the breeding season of the Phoenix fish. The spawning Phoenix fish is often more aggressive than usual. So they sometimes attack even larger fish species.

Fish tank

Which fish is the best fish to keep with Ngu Sac? Although also territorial, due to their small size they rarely pose a danger to other fish.

So very suitable for combined culture in an aquarium. However, they should not be kept with too large fish, avoiding the case of large fish eating small fish. Phoenix fish is fine to eat, including fish smaller than them.

This is a very shy fish, they like to gather in groups. The ideal habitat of this species is quiet, no direct sunlight.

Since this is a fish that lives on the bottom of rivers, they are well adapted to low light conditions. The aquarium should have lots of aquatic plants combined with rock caves for the phoenix to breed and live. The bottom of the tank should be covered with sand and small gravel.

The tank size does not need to be too large, about 45cm in length is enough. Fish farmers need to pay attention to the density and types of fish to choose the right tank size.

What to feed phoenix fish?

Do you know what to feed Phoenix fish? They love to eat foods of animal origin. This is a fish that is not fussy eaters.

You can feed the Phoenix fish something in the morning better than in the evening. Feeding once is better than feeding multiple times. To raise fish for ornamental purposes, not for business, one-time feeding is enough. Make sure they grow well.

The number of times that Phuong Hoang fishes eat something makes it difficult to ensure the water quality many times. Compared to water quality, it is better to let the fish get a little hungry.

If fed once a day at the same time, the fish would eat well. Calculate how long the fish can digest food for 1 day.

Hungry fish will increase swimming in search of food. This is a kind of movement. In the natural environment, fish often do not eat fully, but can still live well. Different from breeding other animals. Need for them to eat to ensure their growth and weight.

Dosing of fish food

After you’ve solved the problem of what you feed the Phoenix fishes, you need to adjust the amount of food for them. This issue is quite elusive. It is similar to some other varieties of aquarium fish such as guppies, seabass, Arhat …

Usually, the Phoenix fish eat anything like this, usually finished in about 10-15 minutes. Actually, once the fish is full, if they want to feed them, they will not eat anymore.

The initial quantitative way to feed Phoenix fish is to feed a little bit first, they will finish eating very quickly. Then add a little more, just like that until the fish is released, that’s when they are full.

In the case of increasing or decreasing the number of fish, mastering this amount each time or reducing it is okay. Once the Phoenix fish eats something but does not finish the food within the normal time, part or all of the fish is sick. You need to stop feeding, observe, or even treat it promptly.

Can Phuong Hoang fish reproduce difficult or easy?
How to breed Phuong Hoang Ngu Sac fish? How to take care of Phuong Hoang fish? Currently, many aquarists want to try breeding them. However, the majority cannot do this due to lack of understanding.

Therefore, it is best to have a certain understanding of certain reproductive traits before breeding. Because, there are some ornamental fish species that are relatively difficult to artificially breed. Farmers must master certain breeding techniques.

The age of the Phuong Hoang fish

Normally, when the Phoenix is ​​6 months old, it will enter adulthood. Adult males have a slightly larger body size than a female. Bright, clear colors. The anterior end of the dorsal will grow into two long, nearly black, long strands.

Male fish when entering heat, is extremely beautiful. They will do their best to beautify themselves to attract females. Females also now become more beautiful, they will seriously choose a mate. A red, rose-colored note will appear on the abdomen at this time.

Phuong Hoang fish should be spawning in many pairs

Breeding Phuong Hoang fish to breed so concentrated. The farmer can put several broodstock pairs in a large sand-spread tank.

Note that need to plant some more algae in the tank. After taking a few stumps or clusters of aquatic plants, put them down at different positions on the bottom of the tank. The number of stump and clump of aquatic plants should be equal to the number of parent fish pairs.

During the spawning period, Phoenix fish does not need special care. Just nurture as usual. Let them be free to pair. Soon after, they will find their own satisfied object.

After that, the parents choose the base and clump of aquatic plants to spawn. They will immediately take over it, prohibiting other fish from coming.

The process of Phuong Hoang fish spawning and incubation method is similar to that of Bay Mau fish. The only difference is that the caviar will attach to the flower pot and bloom on the bottom of the tank.

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