How to raise and care for Arhat is the most beautiful big head

Arhat is one of the most popular aquarium fish in Vietnam today. They first appeared around 2000 and were very popular. The most beautiful Arhat is the King Kamfa Arhat. They are more popular than both Discus and Dragon fish in the past, because it is thought that this fish brings prosperity and luck to the owner. So how to raise the most beautiful Arhat? What does Arhat fish food include for a beautiful head? Where to buy Arhat King Kamfa?


The most beautiful environment for raising Arhat fish

The most beautiful Arhat are large in size, mature fish are more than 20cm in length. Has high territorial protection, so should not be kept with other small fish. Also, the size of the aquarium has a great influence on the great speed and shape of the fish.

Should raise the most beautiful Arhat, the best in a tank with a minimum length of 1m, so as not to affect their development. Decorate tanks in dark colors such as black or blue to accentuate their lustrous beauty.

This fish is suitable for culture in neutral or slightly acidic water. Spreading the tank floor with river sand of 0.5-1cm in size is effective in maintaining water quality in the tank. The thickness of the sand foundation is about 5cm. Do not use a log or rock when decorating, to avoid injuring the fish.

Water quality is the top factor to keep in mind when raising this breed. Fish do not need to be too strict in ensuring water quality. But due to the very large fish feeding, the aquarium needs a water filter.

Thus, you can ensure that the tank water is always clean, in addition to ensure that the nutrition in the water is always stable, suitable for beneficial bacteria to grow. Water temperature 26 – 27 ℃ is most ideal, pH 6.5 – 7.2.

King Kamfa fish food

According to experts experienced in the industry, to provide high protein Arhat fish food sources, mainly animal meat. Raw Arhat fish food includes: shrimp, small fish, red worms, worms … Besides, there is also industrial fish food King Kamfa, pay attention should not choose artificial color.

The most beautiful Arhat can be kept with Artemia larvae. Should divide into several small meals a day to feed them, not to eat many at the same time. The dose for fish feeding depends on the line of fish, usually just looking at the fish’s belly, it is okay to see the belly a little bigger than usual, don’t overfeed.

Overfeeding, or eating unclean or parasitic foods, will all cause intestinal problems in Arhat. Moreover, once a bowel problem occurs, it is very easy to recur. At the same time it is very difficult to treat. Treatment time is long. Therefore, Arhat fish food recommended by veterinarian is still divided according to the characteristics of each stage of development of Arhat.

Arhat fish feed stage 1 – 5cm

At a stage less than 2cm can feed Artemia Larva. This period is very short, so there is no need to be fussy. After being larger than 2cm, start defrosting and pureed shrimp meat. How to treat red worm is similar to river shrimp. It is necessary to sterilize, thaw and feed.

Using pureed shrimp will have more nutrition than red worms. Arhat grows extremely well. Especially suitable for small fish line La Han King Kamfa. The intestinal function of fish of the Kamfa strain is better than that of the Pearl lineage.

This fry stage absolutely does not need to worry about intestinal disease. As long as they are alive, they can eat well. Each day can eat 5-6 meals according to the increase in body length. Gradually reduce the number of meals. After seeing Arhat not actively eating, stop feeding.

Arhat fish food stage size 5 – 10cm

This stage of the most beautiful Arhat is fed at 3-4 meals a day. When less than 10cm, give 4 meals a day. Until this stage, Arhat will reveal her forte and eat better. It is also possible to eat large amounts of food.

Food can be soaked in Arhat fish bran before feeding. At the beginning, feed commercial feed once every 2 days. Slowly increase the number of times up, until reaching 10cm, increase to one meal per day.

The reason for doing so is to act as a stepping stone for the later industrial food exchange period. Second, you can add trace elements to the most beautiful Arhat fish possible. Third, provide high protein content. Fourth, the start of the initial stimulus phase.

Arhat fish food for the period 10 – 20cm

At this stage, 2 meals a day will be given. Should completely remove red worm. The most beautiful Arhat fish food at this time will be river shrimp and industrial food.

Rate each day a river shrimp meal and one commercial feed. So river shrimp have to remove the shell or not? As long as the fish feces have shrimp shells, they must be peeled. If not, then okay.

Many people believe that there is a large amount of Astaxanthin in shrimp shells. As an antioxidant, discarding it is very wasteful. But consider the situation, observe the faeces for disposal.

When they reach 15cm, they starve for a day each week. When nearly 20cm, gradually reduce the rate of river shrimp down. The head-click is the only task of this period for the most beautiful Arhat.

Arhat fish food period 20cm or more

Fish at this stage all the proportions have basically been fixed. Except for the situation where the first part of King Kamfa Arhat in the late period grows abnormally.

Color adjustments can be made to suit the body at this time. Veterinarians do not recommend hyperpigmentation first. Because the most beautiful Arhat, only color up is a sign of maturity.

On the one hand, there is Astaxanthin in industrial hyperpigmentation on the one hand, and on the other hand it contains a quantity of growth stimulants. Long-term use will promote the rate of maturity of the fish. Inhibits the length of the body. Later this will lead to weak old age.

Therefore, feeding fish in this period, it is necessary to control the proportion and amount of Arhat fish food. After reaching 25cm, it should be reduced to one meal a day.

This can reduce the digestive pressure of the fish. Maintain a moderate hunger for the fish to be more flexible. Delaying aging. Also, it is important to reduce the amount of food per meal to an appropriate level.

The method of feeding Arhat fish

If you want to keep the most beautiful Arhat, you should apply the “4 True” feeding method. This method is beneficial for fostering good living habits for Arhat. Also beneficial for their health.

On time
That is, the feeding time and the interval between meals must be fixed. Form good eating habits. Reduce the arising of diseases of the digestive tract. Usually, feed 2-3 times a day with the most beautiful and standard Arhat

Time to eat each time should not be too long. It is reasonable to let King Kamfa fish finish eating within 10 minutes. Feeding time should be based on weather and air temperature to adjust accordingly. If the air pressure is low in weather conditions, the time and number of feedings can be reduced.

Right point

Here means the right place. Each feeding, the position of the industrial Arhat fish feed must be fixed. After a while, Arhat will get into the habit of eating at a certain point. When it comes to feeding time every day, King Kamfa Arhat will actively come to the right position to wait for the feeding.

That’s right

It is to ensure the quality of food that is both fresh and nutritious. Deformed or expired Arhat fish feed cannot be used. If possible, use ultraviolet rays to sterilize food.

Right amount

The amount of Arhat fish feed used is correspondingly fixed. Can not be more or less. Normally, feed amount equal to 1-2% of body weight of Arhat is reasonable. At the same time, based on the size of the most beautiful Arhat to balance, the situation of catching prey, changing the weather … to decide how much to eat.

Don’t overfeed each time. When feeding, attention should be paid to Arhat’s reaction. When Arhat fish do not want to eat anymore, they must stop feeding. In a nutshell, the feeding principle is that small fish eat a lot and big fish eat less. If you do not understand the large amount of Arhat fish food, you should give it much less.

The fish is not because of feeding a few more industrial bran pellets but growing faster. After a long time you will find out that you halve the amount of food you eat, the ability to grow fish is still the same.

Lighting for aquariums La Han King Kamfa

In the most beautiful Arhat fish hatcheries are usually kept in outdoor tanks. The continuous sunlight makes Arhat most beautiful fish, healthy development, vibrant colors. So when keeping Arhat King Kamfa indoors, pay attention to lighting them.

If not illuminated, the color of the fish becomes pale and lifeless. The lighting time should last about 10 hours a day, helping the Arhat fish in the most beautiful and in the best condition.

King Kamfa Arowana is a species with strong vitality and high adaptability. Just pay attention to maintain stable water quality in the tank and provide adequate nutrition, they will rarely get sick.

On the market today, there are many most beautiful Arhat fish varieties for you to choose from: green dragon, red monkey, King Kamfa Arhat, red Thai fish … Demand for buying Arhat is increasing, especially in big cities. . There are many places to buy cheap La Han fish in HCMC and Hanoi, but farmers should be careful to avoid buying low quality fish.

The big Arhat fish is on the head

In general, to see if the most beautiful Arhat is going to the top or not depends on the type. Good fish, the higher the probability of head. Poor fish, low probability to head. But it should not be assumed that any good Arhat will be on top.

Normally, the probability of getting on the head is 5%. That means out of 100 fish, only 5 can go to the head. Poor breeders are more difficult. If the fish you raise is up to 15cm and still not on top, then the chance of getting on head will be smaller.

Choose a fish of 5cm size: First choose a fish with a big head, pay attention to see if there is a bulge in the joint between the fish head and dorsal fin. This detail is very small, have to look closely. Next need to look at the mouth, the big head should match the short mouth.

The short mouth mainly looks at the lower lip of the fish. And the front end of the lower lip has an “L” shape. Because the upper lip is short, the lower lip is required to cover the upper lip so that the fish can eat. You should notice fish with pointed mouths and flat lower lips

Look at the fish’s body, paying attention to the dorsal fin layer and the distance from the dorsal to the tail. The closer the distance, the shorter the fish future. The red spots and bright scales are the divine. When the fish was about 5cm, it appeared very clearly. Need to choose fish that is early and bright.

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