How to leave dogs at home alone

An attached dog … in other words, sticking to its owner like a silhouette with just permission. In the past, we have learned about the responses of any loyal and loving puppy to being forced to leave home and leaving him alone. In addition to being nostalgic when left behind, dogs can suffer from a symptom known scientifically: a symptom of anxiety eggs – an emotional feature that can arise in dogs.


Some of the symptoms of a dog with separative anxiety include destroying things and barking or howling while fidgety. While there are training methods to reduce and eliminate this, we cannot help but feel the horror of leaving the dog alone knowing that it may not know where you went and whether you intend to with them?

Some experienced dog owners have found that they can combat ambiguous puppy anxieties by simply using radio or soothing music, as they find that this can help dogs. feel more comfortable. Even in the US, a new, more specific solution has been introduced for this purpose – podcast, exclusively for dogs at home alone. The contents of a card include original music, lengthy stories, somewhere a compliment to the dog and surrounding chords to help drown out any outside noises that can be confusing. or make the dog feel scared.

It sounds strange, but it all stems from animal psychology. Alex, a psychologist said: ‘Dogs are extremely social animals (do not live alone) but which, in order to fit our busy lives, they cannot avoid spending time in one. me of the day ‘.

As for us, whenever you need to leave the house for a long time and have to leave the dog, the best thing to do is to keep the radio or television on at the right volume, this habit can help the dog worry about your house. has one more powerful assistant to help him stay calm. However, you should never punish a dog just because it causes a mess when you’re away from home.

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