How to feed a “teddy dog”?

Teddy dogs are now the more popular dogs, and many people choose teddy dogs for their dogs. Do you know how to breed a teddy dog? Veterinarian: The following 7 summary of practical experience will give you a better understanding of it!

1. Pay attention to moisture and keep warm
Teddy loves to climb on the floor. Pay attention to the dry area of ​​dog activities. It’s easy for the teddy bear to suffer from skin conditions in the wet area. It is best to use a comb to comb Teddy’s hair every day. Puppies are afraid of being colder. Whether winter or summer, we must pay attention to the warm work of puppies. Especially if you just got the vaccine, don’t catch a cold, otherwise the vaccine will fail.


2. About Teddy’s development
Dilemma: 3 – 7 months is a period of awkwardness Teddy has temporarily deviated from the rate, coordination and beauty of this breed due to normal development and it has become an unsightly period. , associated with moult, fetal hair will be lost.

Tooth exchange period: Teddy puppies begin to erupt around the teeth 20 days after birth and teeth will erupt when they are two months old, teeth will begin to change teeth when they are full, and puppies about four to months and months will begin to grow. Permanent teeth are born, and all baby teeth are replaced with permanent teeth when they are about eight months old.

The teddy dog ​​can be a little uncomfortable during the tooth replacement process, you can give it big bones or moderately hard snacks like chicken jerks to ease discomfort!

Maturity: Teddy dogs enter a period of slow growth after 10 months, and development is completed after about 1 and a half years, and shoulder height and body length are stable. The male dog is sexually mature for about 10 months and the female is considered to be sexually mature for the first time, usually 6-10 months.

Compared to other dog breeds, Teddy likes to perform crank movements. When Teddy gets hot, pet owners must take care of it!

3. About Teddy’s sports
Although Teddy is a small dog, but it is relatively active. It is best for pet owners to take it for a walk and bend every day. However, it should be noted that Teddy has slender limbs and is not suitable for extreme exercises, especially not to let it go High jump, otherwise it is very easy to break!

Four, about Teddy’s grooming
Teddy’s hair is curly. It is best to comb every day, otherwise your hair will get chignon. To raise a teddy bear, it’s best to prepare a needle brush and comb, comb your hair back with a needle brush, comb the coarse hair, then comb your hair roughly, then carefully comb each layer.

The needle comb can make Teddy’s hair smoother, and the comb can completely dredge out the hair to prevent knots.

5. About training fixed points of Teddy
Prepare a dog restroom at home. You can use newspaper to dip Teddy’s urine so that whenever Teddy wants to excrete, he will smell the urine and find a place to excrete. One more thing is to pay attention to Teddy’s defecation rules, in general, going to the toilet after 30 minutes when eating, when he has just woken up or when walking around the floor is when he can be instructed. go to the toilet for dogs.

When Teddy is excreted in the right position, the pet owner may stroke Teddy while giving praise either verbally or for some snacks.

It should be noted that if Teddy does not excrete in the position you specify, then the pet owner must yell at him in time and must clean up immediately to avoid leaving a dog smell, otherwise he will come here next time. after!

6. Six, about deworming
Worming is a very important thing. If the worming job is not done well, Teddy can get fleas, skin diseases and even anemia in serious cases. Worm deworming can be divided into internal and external worming.

It is generally recommended that Teddy’s in vitro deworming starts at the full moon, and can then be used in vitro once a month.

If Teddy is dewormed regularly, there will be very few parasitic infections. Of course, home cleaning should be done well to avoid Teddy infections!

7. About Teddy’s Fading
Teddy is a poodle grooming method, in fact, Teddy is not a dog breed. Initially, poodles were only available in two colors, black and white, and other colors were created by crossing. Therefore, most teddies will fade due to genetic problems.

Although genetic reasons can easily make Teddy fade, we can also start from the care and diet aspects to reduce Teddy’s discoloration!

First, don’t shower too often, usually twice a month, and use dog-only shower gel so it doesn’t irritate Teddy’s skin and hair, causing discoloration. Blow dry immediately!

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