How to feed a French hound

French bulgie dogs are very ugly, cute and docile dogs. Many people like farming and fighting. However, French bulgie dogs are also a delicate flower in the dog world. The following five points must be well implemented in the breeding method, otherwise, the stomach and intestines are more likely to have problems!

1. Give the law a regular diet
French bulgie dogs have weaker digestive tract. Therefore, the feeding method is to feed regularly, follow the principle of regular and quantitative feeding, and cannot give abnormal feeding, so the French bulgie dog will have a meal and a meal. This type of erratic eating habit can easily cause Fadou Nam to suffer from gastrointestinal dysfunction, indigestion and gastroenteritis in the long run.


2. Avoid eating too many magic battles
Although the French bulgie is a small dog, its greed and cannibalism is equivalent to that of a large dog. It’s easy to overeat uncontrollably. The owner must control the dog’s food intake. Overeating will cause Fadou to vomit and pass loose stools. If you continue to eat too much, you will have to bear a heavy burden on the stomach and stomach ulcers.

3. Treating kitchen waste
Because many dogs have a habit of picking up food, they will also have strange eating behaviors when they lack trace elements. Therefore, it is necessary to clean up kitchen waste in the home in time when raising a French bulldog, and avoid eating kitchen waste containing germs and expiring uncleanness, causing diarrhea or bacterial enteritis.

4. Fight dogs begging
French bulgie dogs are more greedy, so if they see their owners eating, they will definitely come by and beg for food. However, it is best not to feed Fadou to human snacks, otherwise, raising Fadou will be easy and a partial eclipse will lead to malnutrition. For snacks, you can also opt for a healthy and feminine goat cheese. When practicing spelling and spelling, you are rewarded with a few pieces to boost your enthusiasm for practicing and solving your greed.

5. Choose the right dog food
There are many brands and types of dog food on the market. It is also important that you choose the right dog food for Fadou. If you eat too much commercial dog food with salt attractant, Fadou will have kidney failure, large scale dog food with high protein and high fat. It can also cause pancreatitis when it is used to feed it.

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