How to cure common Red Ket diseases

Some diseases of Red Ket and causing danger are: Red Ket is discolored, Red Ket fish is bloated, Black Red finfish is blackened … If not detected Red Ket gets sick in time, it can cause disease. spread. Even more severe Red Ket disease is fatal. To find out the causes and treatment of the above diseases, please read our following articles.


About the Red Ket

Red Red or Anh Vu Blood Red Fish, also known as red snakehead fish, is one of the most beautiful tropical fish today. This fish has many diverse colors, such as red, pink, yellow, orange, …

Is an aquarium fish of the Cichlid tilapia family. They are very popular nowadays. In the process of taking care of many diseases of Red Ket, many owners are confused and worried. Requires the farmer to pay close attention to the fish carefully and regularly observe to detect strange signs of the fish.

The reason is that Hong Ket is discolored and discolored

  1. Red Ket are discolored due to water quality: Red Red is not a natural species. They are artificially crossed over generations to get the current color. Therefore, their genomic system is not stable, the aquarium water is not up to the standard and easily causes Red Ket to discolor.
  2. Red Mackerel is discolored due to changing environment: New fish bought when put into new environment will not adapt. Color loss may occur during the initial period.
  3. Red Ket lost color due to stress: is a gentle, even shy fish. If they experience great fluctuations or are often stimulated, they will collapse mentally and cause disease of Red Ket.
  4. Red Red Fish are discolored by the fish itself: many farmers experience discoloration of fish immediately after purchase. This is because they are artificially stained, and some have very obvious dark spots under their skin. If this fish is discolored, it will be very difficult to recover.
  5. Red Mackerel discolored by food: Their main food requires ingredients that increase pigmentation on the skin. If feeding other foods that are not suitable, Red Ket fish will become discolored.
  6. Red Red light is discolored in red red fish. Each day lighting for 2 hours can help stimulate the fish’s color. If using white light, the fish will quickly fade.

How to overcome diseases of Red Ket fading

When the Red Ket is faded, the farmer should not be too worried but handle it incorrectly. It is important to calmly observe carefully to find the cause. Then there is an effective solution. The change of environment also needs to be taken step by step. Do not make a sudden change to avoid affecting the fish.

Providing adequate oxygen to the aquarium, some highly adaptable fish will not react at all. However, Red Ket tolerates very poorly. Lack of oxygen for a long time can also make them fade and weaken.

The tank water changes don’t need to be too frequent. The fish is used to the old water, it only needs to be changed once a week. Change 1/4 of the tank water each time. If the water changes too much, lightly, the fish on the body will grow black spots. If severe, the whole body becomes white, weakens and dies.

Red Fish have bloating

Red Fish have bloating. If not detected in time, it will be very dangerous.

Cause of Red Ket’s disease is bloated

The key to the Red Ket’s health is water. If the water quality is poor, fish are susceptible to diseases. Bloating is one of the most common diseases ..

Red Fish with bloating is not easy to treat at all. A lot of people don’t know why their fish are bloated. In fact, bloating is also known as end-stage enteritis.

It may be due to fish eating unclean food or swallowing shrimp shells, the intestinal wall being stabbed and causing disease. Here are the main reasons why Red Ket fish are bloated:

The Red Fish suffers from bloating due to damage from poor water quality.
Red Mackerel has bloated because frozen shrimp cannot remove its head, tail, and scratches the intestinal wall, causing bacterial infection.
Red Fish have bloating due to infection
Red Fish have bloating due to metabolic pathology disorder.
Symptoms of Red Ket fish with bloating
Red Fish with bloated stomach will not eat, stop eating. Big belly, balloon stretch. If you use your hand to touch the fish’s belly, it will find the inside is soft like water.

The initial symptoms of Red Ketfish with bloating are abdominal distension, anus or fins turn red. The abdominal cavity is filled with fluid. Internal organs change color.

To the next stage, due to the accumulation of too much water in the abdomen, the fish will float, and the body is imbalanced. When suffering from bloating, the fish will not be flexible, prefer to hide in the corner, followed by the phenomenon of scabs.

Treatment of Red Ket with bloating disease

Use medicine for Red Ket’s disease

Red Fish have bloated very difficult to treat. You can try to increase the concentration of salt in the water, and add antibiotics … When the red snapper is bloated, you can apply fungicide on the wound. Or use an appropriate amount of Methylene Green to treat. Or you can add antibiotics such as Cloramphenicol, Streptomycin, Benzimycin. Combine with other treatments.

Food makes fish organs more burdensome, not good for disease. Infected fish should be quarantined immediately. If none of the other therapies work, people can try an antibiotic injection.

Injecting medicine of Red Ket

Normally, the body cavity will be injected with bloating. The injection site is located at the base of the pectoral fin. If the injection is not correct, it can cause heart rupture. The needle is placed at a 45 ° angle.

Inject to 1/3 of the needle. The details depend on fish size and needle length. Pull out the needle and press it into the injection site. If you can’t inject it yourself, you can consult a veterinarian.

Also injected into the muscle between the dorsal and lateral fins, also aligned at a 45 ° angle. The movements are the same. When treated with the method of bathing and injection, in some cases within a week has recovered to normal.

To avoid diseases in Red Ket, it is best to manage the water quality well. To well deal with the feeding and water exchange to keep the fish healthy.

Personal causes Hong Ket swim disease in the head

Redfish suffer from head disease due to water quality

There are many reasons that can lead to Red Ket getting sick. The reason can be due to water quality. Fish farming needs to pay attention to water first, this is what everyone understands.

Good or bad water quality will directly affect the health of the fish. Someone has just started to raise fish, not paying attention to this, leading to fish disease.

Fish Red Ket sick swimming down is one of the symptoms of sick fish. This requires you to observe and check the fish culture.

Water quality must be strictly controlled, equipped with a strong filtration system. At the same time, the water must be changed periodically. It is also very important to feed the Red Ket. Should buy food at to ensure cheap price as well as quality.

Red Fish is sick from reproduction

Reproductive Red Redfish is one of the causes of head swimming symptoms. Red Mackerel is sick during the breeding period, and the belly is enlarged. Along with the task of spawning, the mother fish will conscientiously protect her eggs.

The Red Ket has a congenital disease with a gill defect. Not enough oxygen also makes the fish swim head down. In this case, the best solution is to increase the oxygen supply to the aquarium.

Diseased Red Mackerel fish changes the amount of water and temperature

The amount of water changed is too large, and the frightened fish also lead to Red Ket fish getting head disease. During the water change, you need to do it slowly. Do not be too urgent, violently. At the same time, it is best to change only 1/4 – 1/3 of the water.

Do not change too much. Maintain stable water quality, avoid excessive disturbance. When feeding, they should play more with sick Red Ket to foster affection. Avoid letting fish feel unsafe, unfamiliar with new living conditions.

Sudden changes in water temperature also lead to Red Ket fish suffering from head swim disease. That’s why you need to pay more attention to the temperature. Avoid the change too sudden to make the fish uncomfortable with the water. Also, attention should be paid to the selection of fish breeds to be cultured together.

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