How to cure all kinds of scabies in dogs extremely effective

Scabies in dogs is a parasitic disease on the skin, causing a lot of trouble for dogs and owners, even fatal. The cause is due to infection with other secondary diseases such as nephritis, skin infections, hepatitis due to the use of chemicals to treat scabies. Scabies is a very common disease in dogs, especially long-haired and ruffled dogs. Scabies is most common in the rainy season, when it is humid.

Dogs with mild scabies also make your dog emaciated, shedding, and dirty. Many look like the skin of the “monkey” species. At this time, it is really troublesome, “if you leave, love, you will be guilty”, it’s really “ashamed of the farmer”. Join us to find out through the article below.


Learn what is cat scabies?

Scabies in dogs is a skin disease caused by a parasite. These parasites cause direct damage to the baby’s body. It has serious health effects, in many cases can lead to death. Some of the complications that can be severe include pus skin infection, body hair loss, hepatitis, and a fishy odor.

When your dog has scabies, there are often signs of constant and prolonged scratching. They often use their hind legs to scratch their bodies. On the skin there are red, dandruff and thickened bumps. Because the puppy scratches too much, the skin often bleeds. The hairs are all lost. Some positions on the body that are prone to scabies can be mentioned as eyes, back, armpits …

Causes of dogs scabies

First, we will have to find out what causes the dog to get scabies in order to have a more effective prevention. It is possible that your dog is dirty without bathing often. Many dogs love to play with the soil or roll around mud puddles. But their owners are unaware that there are many bad parasites there. They will be very susceptible to those parasites on humans. That is why not bathing your dog regularly can cause scabies in dogs.

Because the dog is salty. Many people will feed your dog salty foods. Dogs are easy to scabies because they eat salty. Since their bodies cannot handle salty food, they will be very itchy and hot. Then they will scratch until the skin is gone.

Areas of the body prone to scabies in dogs

Scabies in dogs is common on the abdomen, anus, elbows, behind the ears and eyes. Because of these areas the skin is very thin, and it is susceptible to damage. However, it is necessary to observe and monitor for a while to accurately determine the dog’s disease.

Red spots on the abdomen may be a sign of Care. This is a very fatal disease in dogs. If your dog develops symptoms of this symptom with vomiting, fever, and refuses to eat, it may have been Careful. Dogs need urgent treatment to avoid a worst-case scenario.

Reddened dog skin can also be caused by fungal skin diseases and other medical conditions. The dog owner needs to take the dog to see the vet for a checkup. Lumpy elbows are not necessarily a sign of scabies. Because this position is easy to get callused by friction with the ground when the dog is sitting or lying down. It is therefore very confusing.

There are only two common types of scabies in dogs

Scabies Sarcoptes

Scabies in dogs Sarcoptes (normal scabies) and Demodex scabies (scabies, fur scabies, mulch). The scientific name is Sarcoptes scabiei var. canis. They have a bizarre shape with 4 pairs of sharp double legs. Infects, lays eggs and multiplies the number of skin surfaces that cause itching, hair loss. Can be contagious to humans and is not very harmful to dogs. With normal scabies, the treatment is easier and does not pose any danger.

Demodex scabies

Scabies in Demodex dogs (also known as scabies or furry scabies, blood scabies) scientific name is Demodex canis, shaped with pointed arrows. They dig deep into the skin, causing pain and severe injuries. This is a stabbing killer, specializing in digging and lying deep in the fur coat, absorbing nutrients, mucus of the host’s fur coat. Causes severe skin damage and hair loss. This type of scabies is very dangerous and difficult to treat. Scabies is common in dogs such as Poodle, Pitbull, Pug … The rate of infected dogs is usually higher than in cats.

The most severe damage is the area around the eyelids, the face, and red, watery swelling in the soles of the feet. The entire skin is depilated, liquid plasma discharge, not coagulated. The characteristic smell is very bad, not a kind of fragrance can drown. The disease is less infectious to other dogs even though living in the same cage.

In-depth analysis of dog scabies disease Sarcoptes

Dogs infected with Sarcoptes scabies are capable of infecting, laying eggs and multiplying in number of skin surfaces. Itching, hair loss. Can spread to humans.

Signs to recognize

The first sign of scabies in dogs is a lot of hair loss in the dog. It is common for dogs to lose hair, shedding it all year round and most during the season. Usually when the weather turns cold and vice versa. But if the dog sheds a lot of hair in patches, the dog most likely has scabies.

In addition to hair loss, if dandruff appears on the skin, it is also a sign of skin disease. Your dog will be itchy and scratched a lot, even though it won’t be stung. Because if you are stung by an insect, your dog will only itch for a while, the sting is usually on the skin and disappears after a few days.

In addition, many red spots will appear on the dog’s skin. Thickened, scaly or horned skin, reddened and flaky skin caused by excessive scratching by the dog. If your dog has some or all of these signs, there is a high chance he will have scabies.

Treatment and treatment

This type of dog scabies is not very harmful to dogs, it can be treated with some regular bath treatments with condensed water of some types of acrid, sour, bitter leaves: oval leaves, star fruit leaves, soap leaves good … Especially not shower with regular soap, but shower with neutral soap specialized in treating scab with Benzoyl peroxide. This soap in some countries has the trade name OxyDex or Pyoben. For long-haired dogs… to thoroughly dry the hair immediately after bathing, brushing and taking care of the coat regularly.

Also can be applied topical grease or Sulfur solution with 30-32% Cancium polysulfide, or Benzylbenzoate 20 or 50%. Or some medicines to treat scabies in humans can also be used, but the effect is not high. It can be prepared in combination with ointment or a solution of skin ointment in the following formula:

Benzylbezoate – 25.0%
Lindane – 1.0% daily applied to areas with signs of scabies.
Treating dogs with superinfection dermatitis with injectable antibiotics, topical. Especially the self-biting marks due to itching, inflammation with watery, foul pus. Treatment of allergic inflammation with antihistamines, corticosteroids.

Increasing health by supplementing vitamins C, D, A. Increase nutritional intake, but not sweetened, reduce salinity. Where the dogs live must be dry, airy, warm and cool. Limit contact with other people and dogs. It is very important to keep your dog’s cage separate from where you live.

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