How do these 8 large dogs cling, only their owners know

I believe that pet owners who have raised them have a good understanding of how to cling to these 8 large dogs.

Old English shepherd
Ancient British Shepherd, known as ancient breeding, its history is only about 200 years.

A big dog with an average height of 56-61 cm, but always a shy baby in the heart, he must be cuddled by the owner every day. When growing up, his body slowly makes the owner unbearable.

As big as it is, it’s as small as a flesh, and it’s afraid to jump three feet if you don’t move. You need to be ready to raise a shy baby. Also, its hair is an item to keep warm in the winter, but it can only be used in the summer.


Saint Bernard
The Saint Bernard dog from Switzerland has a large body and a docile personality, but he is very attached to his owner like a child dependent on his mother. When he was young, his daily thought was to follow his master every step of the way.

This big stick dog is very rare in domestic cities, because its size is easy to scare people, and the need for living space and sports is large, so it is not suitable for breeding. urban. Moreover, it eats so much that most people cannot afford it.

Yorkshire, who likes to play dogs amusedly, because the long coat is smooth and smooth, most keep the girls who like dog clothes.

Yorkshire sticky, mostly for fear of loneliness, as long as the owner at home, it will always follow the owner, even if the toilet is open, the owner must open the door, otherwise it will continue to catch the door outside the door or Bark until when the owner opens the door.

If you are busy at work and don’t have time to accompany him, and don’t have time to take care of his hair, don’t keep a dog like this clinging.

Chow Chow has a unique blue tongue, a sad expression and an exaggerated rhythm. It is not an exceptionally docile dog. It is sometimes independent, but sometimes it is too sticky.

Many people who raise it describe it as “sticky, cute and edible”. When raising Chow Chow, pay attention to the care of its eyes. Although the eyes are small, to prevent infection, it is recommended to wash the eyes every week.

Regardless of whether it’s an American or a British card, they have a problem that is both flawed and advantageous, which is to stick with people regardless of the occasion.

Their hair, especially the chest, abdomen and legs and hair on the ears need to be taken care of by the patient and trimmed regularly, otherwise it is very easy to tighten and form, affecting appearance and being damaged by diseases.

Feeding Spaniel rooster should pay attention to the amount of feeding, do not let them eat too much fat, if not prone to heart disease and high blood pressure, feeding must be balanced with nutrition, paying attention to calcium supplements, giving babies calcium regularly.

Western Highland White Terriers
The White Highland Terrier is a star dog that often appears in movies. It trusts the owner and likes to be with him all the time. If separated from the owner for a long time, anxiety disorders separate and depression can occur. As a result, white highland terriers need to spend more time with them.

Feeding the West Highland White Terrier must ensure a balanced diet. Offer dog food, such as “Non-greasy natural dog food”, with chicken, beef and fish, with vegetables, balanced and delicious nutrition.

Pomeranian is now one of the most popular pet breeds, and its petite and cute appearance has successfully won the favor of most people. But it also has a problem not to be missed, that is it likes to bark and bark loudly.

This says better, that is, be vigilant and wary of strangers other than the owner. But it also reflects trust and dependence on its owner. In everyday life, he likes to cling to his master and like to be in his arms.

Poodle’s adhesive strength can reach five stars, which is considered a stick person in the dog world. The poodle’s mind is subtle, and the attitude of the owner towards it can quickly be distinguished.

Because Teddy has a high IQ, raising it is like raising a child. It requires not only food, but also time and energy to educate it.

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