The original Golden Retriever is very well suited on the surface

The Golden Retriever is a dog that everyone is familiar with. In the evening, people often see them pulling them out. In fact, not many people have the Golden Retriever like before. Not because people don’t like the Golden Retriever, but because it’s more serious. For most people, they cannot wear dog fur everywhere.

Netizens always think that Golden Retriever is quite good, and they also want to raise one, so I bought it through a friend. I have heard that it suffered severe hair loss before raising it, but I heard it after raising it, especially during the embarrassing stage. There will be plenty of hair everywhere it’s walking.


Anyway, I bought it now, and it’s too late to regret, so netizens continue to keep their hair blonde. In order to avoid blond hair everywhere, netizens decided to keep it in a cage when they were at home, so they could avoid it everywhere. No way.

The Golden Retriever has no opinion on the cages, and they are very cooperative, mainly because there is good food in the cage, but not when they are outside. Regardless of whether the Golden Retriever only cooperates on the surface, it has been locked in a cage nonetheless, and cannot come to it. It can be played when there are family members.

Netizens are happy to see Jin Mao cooperating. After all, most dogs are reluctant to be in a cage. In fact, Jin Mao is the same. This is really just a superficial cooperation. Head, it was kept in the dark.

Once, netizens had to work temporarily and left home in the afternoon. It turned out ZeMi was biting the cage while the owner was not at home. He wants to remove the cage. He noticed the passing through the door when it was locked, which turned out to be why.

ZeMi can’t get out of here. Netizens won’t give it this chance. I always thought ZeMi was an honest puppy. I did not expect it to be so discreet. Buy another key and give its income rigorously, don’t let you out, never think about it.

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