Golden Retriever, his IQ is extremely high

Golden Retriever, his IQ is extremely high. Out of all the dogs, her IQ is one of the best, and he can understand what his master is saying, and he can also help his master do some things, so now Now there are many people raising it. When a dog, he first adopted a golden retriever.

My friends especially liked golden retrievers, but when they arrived in the city, their parents were not allowed to raise them, so friends sent this golden retriever to the countryside and adopted it for their grandmother. , because friends know that their golden retriever is exceptionally sensible and can still go along in the countryside. Particularly grandmother.

Today is Saturday. My friend came home and wanted to see his grandmother. But when the friend walked home, he saw a basket of vegetables in the mouth of the golden retriever in the distance, and her grandmother was slowly behind the golden retriever. Walk slowly.

This golden retriever knows that its owner walks very slowly, so when he walks there, he is also particularly slow. He deliberately waited for his master to come forward. Friends saw this scene and felt that their golden retriever was the same. Smart, but too logical.

Later, when a friend talked to his grandmother, he realized that when he went to the street every day, the golden retriever would actively bite the vegetable basket into his mouth, and when he came back, He won’t bite the vegetable basket. Let your friends grandmother take it.

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