Fright bathroom: Similar hands

Fright bathroom: Similar hands, scary-looking humans, cute cat claws

Friends with cats should know that if you can’t find your cat at home, don’t panic. Now the quickest way to call your cat is hiding in a corner of the room is to go to the toilet and close the door to shower.

When a person has the sound of water in a confined space, the cat will immediately run to the bathroom door and meow. Many people have different opinions on this phenomenon, some think it is because the cat is afraid of the water and its owner is drowning.

Some people think that cats want to go in and keep their shovel shovel, if you don’t keep the door open for a long time, these cute kittens will stick their paws in the door. Most bathroom doors are made of translucent glass, after the cats stretch their little legs over it, they’re really cute, each looking like a small plum flower in bloom. At this point, the master carefully saw that this scene must definitely laugh to death.

But if the same thing happened to humans, it would be a terrible existence! If you have a lot of hands outside the door when you shower, you must be very scared, the warnings will arise, you probably also think of some stories in horror movies. I have to say that doing the same thing with different things will have different results Cats are tiny animals that are cute, cute to humans and they don’t make people think of other scary things. .

And cat owners know that cats can be mischievous at times, and they can do the wrong things too, such as breaking your favorite cup on the ground and sprinkling the cat food you just spilled. There are also some cats, they will run around while you are sleeping, and even run into your ears to yell to get you up. There are also some cats, if you treat them badly, they will wet your bed and get revenge on you. But these kittens, when stretching their small legs, always make people feel so adorable.

Especially when their little claws appear on the bathroom door, many shovel officers think this is a very cute move, can not help but look a few times and then take pictures and print photos to save. . In fact, cats are also very human animals, when cute, they feel cute.

So if we have cats, we have to treat them better, so that cats get along with us and love them more, of course we have to be more patient with them.

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