Faithful and honest dogs have become

Duel between the Tibetan Clam and the American Clam, who is the winner in the end? The audience recorded the great process

Faithful and honest dogs have become the subject of many shovel officers. In the process of raising dogs, many people discovered business opportunities and held dog fighting competitions for profit. To verify whether the Chinese Tibetan clam and the American Pitbull better, the dog fighting agency organized a contest.

Before the match, Pitbull came to the field early, looking at its muscular muscles, many viewers were clapping incessantly, before the match, they felt it was definitely the champion of this game. At the start of the game, Pitbull did the warm-up but the Chinese Tibetan clam was not on the field, just minutes before the game started, the shovel staff led a western clam. Tibet is late. But this Tibetan clam was just not old enough, seeing such an opponent, many spectators sighed and felt anxious about the outcome of this match.

At the beginning of the game, two dogs are in the arena very stuck, two dogs on one side do not intend to fight. Seeing that the two dogs were motionless, the referee nudged and let the two dogs join. At first, Pitbull showed fierce fighting strength, rushing straight into the Tibetan clam dog, but the Tibetan clam did not show weakness, despite being dumbfounded for a few seconds, it immediately stalked, causing Pitbull to be people thought. Pitbull was the final winner, but because of constraints in size, the Tibetan clam placed the Pitbull under his body without fighting for long.

At first, Pitbull was still struggling to convert defeat into victory, but due to his short stature could not support, in the end, the Chinese Tibetan clam dog won. Upon hearing this result, they took a different view of the Chinese Tibetan clam, because they did not expect that an immature Tibetan clam could explode with such tremendous power. like the position of the first clam Pitbull will have to offer to lose.

Many shovel-wielding officers hold dog fighting competitions to compete against whoever has a stronger dog, but this kind of behavior is a dog-damaging type. Although the dogs win the competition and earn honor, they will also be scarred, and these fighting dogs are not suitable for city survival. Their fierce attack puts those around them and other animals in danger. Therefore, when feeding dogs, everyone should choose a dog type. If you live in a city, where people are crowded, do not choose aggressive dogs to keep because these dogs will cause social chaos.

In the past few years, the Tibetan Clam is a very popular domestic dog for its loyalty to protect its owner, but in recent years, the Tibetan clam has disappeared, replacing a number of breeds. Small dogs become pets of many people.

This is because the Tibetan clam is large in size, and they are not obedient to anyone but the owner, so these dogs are not suitable for companion dogs!

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