Experienced for beginners raising dogs

Many friends have never had contact with dogs before. Perhaps they are only interested in keeping a dog for a while, or there are many cases when someone has given a dog and picked up a dog. When you don’t know how to raise a dog, you start raising a dog. If you feed your dog properly, it can make the dog sick or even die, so you must first understand the new feeding skill.


To feed your dog, it is best to choose a food bowl only for dogs with non-slip seats, to prevent puppies from pushing the food bowl around, and try not to choose two bowls of food. So convenient. It is best to feed about 10 cm from the ground, so when the dog grows up, it will not pick up food when going out.

Drinking fountains or drinking fountains do not easily fall into dust, which is a good source of drinking water! Some puppies use a drinking fountain to drink water in the kennel, the owner need not bother to teach him. If you do not use it, the owner should let the puppy know how to use this strange thing. The owner can touch the ball of the drinking tap in front of the puppy, let the drinking water flow a little, try to lick the dog, Most puppies will soon know how to use it.

If your dog doesn’t like this and the owner can move it, we also have backup water basins to ensure that people will use it. For dogs that are born thin and weak, we must pay attention to the nutritional balance after returning home. In general, dogs are taken home in about 3 months. Parents can choose high quality dog ​​food and consume it after immersion. At the same time, you can also give some Gudeng nutrition cream as a nutritional supplement.

Dog food Dog food is essential, otherwise dogs are not hungry? When marrying a dog, especially a puppy, be sure to ask your dog what foods he has eaten before. The puppy’s stomach is weak and dog food can’t change abruptly. Even if you are not happy with the dog food your puppy originally consumed, you should change it gradually. During this period, Guden probiotics may be fed to prevent gastrointestinal discomfort due to changes in dog food.

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