Everyone knows cats and dogs jokingly

Everyone knows cats and dogs jokingly call shovels because the owner has to help them deal with funerals when it’s convenient for dogs and cats. That’s why the title of shovel officer.

A netizen has raised 3 cute kittens. Everyone knows that cats are particularly hygienic, they will find some sand when it’s convenient, and bury their droppings in the sand when it’s convenient. Then, the type of sand specifically designed for the cat to sit, is called a cat litter.

After the netizen’s 3 cats completed, the most frequent effect of time appeared. He will look for cat feces in the feces, then scoop them out. And this sight aroused the curiosity of the cats at home, the cats climbed up to see, what are you doing? Why do we take away everything we have drawn. The shovel officer could only smile, if I don’t come help you get that one day, there’s no stench in the house!

Pain and happiness, even though those things are ugly, they are willing to dismiss them. Because the cat at home really brought him a lot of joy. In many cases, adults stayed home to work, and the only person who could stay home with him were these three kittens. It would be nice to settle the funeral for them.
The relationship between a dog and its owner is like the relationship between a fish and water. The fish cannot survive after leaving the water, likewise, the dog has abandoned its owner and it is nearly impossible to survive. Wandering is a human adventure. Furthermore, it is almost an insurmountable peak for an already weak dog.

Initially the woman planned to ride a bicycle outdoors but unfortunately, shortly after leaving the suburbs, her driving tire was punctured by a nail. The sisters are not discouraged because they are disadvantaged when they go to school, they live long in the city, sometimes going out to relax is good. The woman slowly admired the view on the side of the road while pushing her bicycle.

At this moment, a homeless stray dog ​​jumped into the woman’s sights. The dog’s hair was filthy like a mop that had not been cleaned for many years. Since the front bangs are too long, the dog has to shake his head every time he walks. The woman’s heart felt as if it had been hit by a heavy hammer in an instant, and it hurt greatly.

Seeing such a poor dog, how could a woman allow the dog to continue wandering? The woman quickly called her friend and drove back to the city with her dog. Inspected and vaccinated, and finally in a pet shelter, the woman shaved the dog. At this time, the new woman was surprised to see this small dog very delicate, like a little princess.

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