Dogs need nutritional supplements during pregnancy and lactation

The new lives of dogs will face three important stages of pregnancy, childbirth and lactation. Does the employer have to worry about balancing his appetite and getting enough nutrition? Now that you are full and have a good diet and balanced nutrition to avoid obesity, what should you do? Let’s talk about it specifically ~

Are two important channels of nutritional supplements: food supplements and nutritional supplements. Although supplementation is good, the effect is relatively slow, and there are effects of differences in the absorption of each dog. Of course, pet’s time and energy and anesthesia are also a problem. After that, the choice of nutrition is especially important at this time.

There are many pet nutritional supplements that are primarily nutritional supplements. Currently, pet milk powders and nutrition creams are predominant. Many pet parents have questions about how to choose? Is goat’s milk powder or nutritional cream good?


What the editor wants to say is that each person has his or her own advantages. If the dog is in the period of pregnancy and lactation, pet milk powder is definitely an advantage.

Nutrients in pregnant and lactating dogs have increased and multifaceted nutritional needs. Inadequate and balanced nutrition will not only affect their own recovery but also affect fetal development. Goat milk powder uses goat milk as its main ingredient, and several other nutrients are added to form the core formula. A good formula with scientific and comprehensive nutrition can meet the needs of dogs about comprehensive nutrition.

So, how to buy goat milk powder?

Currently, there are many brands of baby formula, the quality and price are somewhat uneven. In the case of buying fake or poor quality goat milk, the harm is not small. Factors such as the milk content, milk supply, formula, word of mouth, price, etc. of the product itself should be considered when purchasing.

Comparing some famous brands, Gudeng focuses on the nutrition and health of Chinese pets and always adheres to the brand concept of “all life has the same value”. Its flagship product, Gudeng goat milk, is still very good.

As always, it’s made from food grade raw materials, it’s “real goat milk” that can be drunk by everyone. Goat milk content up to 80% is currently ranked first in the whole network, and has added IGY and animal immunoglobulins. Bifidobacterium, calcium phosphorus, DHA and other ingredients have high nutritional value and comprehensive balance. (IGY can improve pet’s disease resistance, fight stress and boost the body’s immunity)

The high quality and safety of Gudeng goat milk is also the first in the industry to pass the US FDA quality control certification. I believe that with this world-class authority certification, it will surely become the belief and choice of thousands of domestic pet-friendly families. Happy family boss hurriedly got a jar and tried it.

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