Dogs have been with humans for thousands of years

Dogs have been with humans for thousands of years, and they are now one of the most kept animals.

Dogs are very intelligent, they can really understand people’s words, so there will be dogs in several positions such as police dogs, guide dogs, drug detection dogs, shepherd dogs, etc, from these positions. You can know the importance of dogs to humans. What’s more, let’s talk about pet dogs, they are with humans and they will surely know the mind of humans.

Therefore, today people are ready to keep dogs at home, not only because of their intelligence and kindness, but some well-trained dogs can accompany and take care of children, just like a resident’s house. network. Like this golden retriever, netizens are very reassured to put the golden retriever next to their daughter, because its sensitivity is the biggest assurance of netizens.

No, the Golden Retriever is watching TV with her. Both the little girl and the Golden Retriever were fascinated by the television plot. They stared at the motionless TV, while the netizen beside them instructed the Golden Retriever. , Jin Mao quickly raised his hand and told the little girl that: Turn off the TV, little master, otherwise make the boss angry.
In life, we often like to keep some small pets, these small pets often bring us joy, but sometimes they are difficult to wrap tangerines causing the owner to feel very headache. And these owners do everything to deal with their own dogs, let us learn about the problems that these netizens encounter below.

This netizen has a giant Teddy at home, although this Teddy is very strong, even as heavy as the owner. But this teddy bear has an innocent personality like a child, every time you go out to play, you don’t want to go home. This day, something like this happened.

The story goes like this, netizens took Teddy to hang out on the lawn near his house, but when he got home, Teddy refused to follow his owner. He even poses hugging and kissing in front of his master.

The owner, although feeling helpless, still fulfilled this guy’s wish, the owner squatted down and hugged Teddy’s two legs, looking very laborious. Teddy was so happy, he spent the night happily on his master’s back, and went home with the owner. After reading this, the editorial board really sympathizes with this netizen.

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