Dogs don’t want to walk in the rain

Dog owners love their dogs more, so they are really too good for dogs. Establish a comfortable dog home, prepare nutritious food and buy some designer dog clothes. If the dog is spoiled by the owner, it will be like a child. If there is nothing wrong with the owner, the owner will be broken, and the owner will follow the dog, but the dog will be punished if he is proud.


I only keeps Alaska, because he usually takes care of his dogs. Dogs are really incomparable to normal dogs. If the owner breeds the dogs, they are all tall and the dog likes to go out. Play, so the owner usually takes it for a walk.

On this day, it was still clear, and suddenly the sky was covered with dark clouds and some raindrops fell on the dog. The dog feels cold and he cannot move immediately, the eyes signal to the owner to keep it, the owner Seeing it is going to rain, how can you wait for the dog toss, hug the dog and enter the house, the dog looks very heavy, the dog owner and stepped up does not mention much effort.

Puppies are fine with their owners, but such large dogs are really tired of their owners, but they make owners too good for dogs, so the dogs are arrogant and arrogant. It’s better to treat the dog better, otherwise the dog will be damaged, and it will be too late to handle the damage.

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