Dogs crave a few words from the owner every day

A dog cannot speak human language, but it may not understand it. Some special intelligent and spiritual dogs, who have been with everyone for a long time, can carry out 100% of their owner’s instructions. So do not bully the dog does not speak or understand, only say bad words to it.

Here are a few words that most dogs are eager to hear from their owners every day. See what you say?


1. You are awesome!
Before that, there was a “before and after dog comparison” group. Many netizens experimented with their dogs after seeing them, and found that most of the dogs were praised by their owners, “You’re great, you’re so good.” All happiness.

Some owners say that sometimes it’s better to train a dog to praise than to punish!

2. I love you the most!
For dogs you like, don’t be stingy with language. Sometimes, speaking directly can not only make the dog feel more intuitive, but also make it happy all day long.

So don’t be afraid to say “I love you the most” to a dog.

3. Let you eat
“Eat, drink and play” is at the forefront of eating. For dogs, eating is the happiest moment. Even if it’s just a full meal, it’s still desirable to see snacks and snacks. So when he sees his owner eating a snack, the sentence he most wants to hear is definitely: Give you something!

However, dogs should not be given a dog score when they eat light snacks, especially when they eat a heavy-flavored snack. If you really want a dog and don Sword wants to be greedy with it, the owner can give him some dog snacks, like dry chicken, etc., and you can grit your teeth and clean them.

4. Eat!
When the meal was approaching, what the dog was most eager to hear was “It’s eating!” When he hears this sentence, no matter what he is doing or how far away, he can hear and arrive quickly. In front of you!

If the family says this when they are having a meal, the dog will also come to the dinner table, but don’t allow the family to put food on the table, don’t leave it on the table, because for dogs, their staple food Must be dog food specifically designed for them, such as “Natural Dog Food”, containing a variety of meats, with vegetables, balanced nutrition, easy to absorb and ensure dog health!
5. Go away! (Go out)
“Playing” is the nature of a dog, and he likes to play outside, which is what most dogs crave every day. So when dogs get bored at home, the owner of the word “go” immediately makes them stare and energetic! Can see the light in their eyes!

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