Dogs are always very docile

Dogs are always very docile, despite having a bubbly personality and bringing a lot of fun to their owners, they are also very docile and reasonable, never causing trouble for the owner without any reason. Why do you like them so much.

Netizens have raised a Labrador retriever with a very good personality, always likes to be with the owner, and is often led by the owner for a walk, winding this is the happiest time Labrador is. Maybe it was yearning for freedom from the outside, Labrador liked a sweet smile, which no one could resist.

One day, the owner took group photos at each house, the whole family posed and waited for the photographer, just about to shoot, when Labrador suddenly ran to sit next to the owner to take the photo with. Zhang family portrait.

After the photo was released, the whole family was stunned, because Labrador in the photo showed a healing smile, indeed making it impossible to take his eyes off, Labrador really relied on his strength to capture the spotlight. Everyone is the first to look at the photo. Pay attention to dogs, dogs have indeed become a member of the family.
Home is a place of happiness. For both humans and animals, I wish I had a place to cover the rain and wind, if possible warm for the best. So sometimes people see pets on the road, Still feel sad.

A man went out to shop and saw a herd of stray dogs on the street. The mother dog successfully attracted the man’s attention, not because of how beautiful the dog was, but because the mother was so wonderful. Children She has taken her children everywhere in search of food, because the puppies are too young, while the mother has to take care of food and feed at the same time.

The man is closer and closer to the dogs. The mother dog’s body is very weak and looks very emaciated due to having lived for so long and lacked nutrition. It was exhausted but refused to feed the puppies. Feeding the cat is emotional.

After the mother dog fed the mother dog milk and the mother was so tired that she lay motionless on the ground, the man found it very sad that he found a cardboard box and took the dog family home to adopt, at least. They provide shelter from wind and rain, and they also provide them with some food.

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