Did you feel 5 moments when raising a consciously finished dog?

Raising a dog is like raising a child. If the dog at home takes care and is reasonable, it’s really easy to worry. Have you ever felt the 5 most fulfilling moments when raising a dog?

1. Will send you out and welcome home
Every day before going out, the dog will look at you and say goodbye to you. After returning home, the dog will greet you as soon as you open the door. It was really fun and a sense of success. The dog will also help you put on your shoes. Carrying it over, or rushing to hug you, is its caring performance, and the owner will also be comforting in the soul.


2. Going out will protect you
When you go out for a walk with the dog and see a stranger approaching, the dog will run up to protect the owner, regardless of its size, as long as it has this heart, it will be very touched and will feel Great sense of accomplishment.

After all, raising a loyal dog is a happy thing, and it also shows that it recognizes your pet’s status in its heart.

3. Relax the dog
The greatest joy of having a dog is to play with the dog. Every day I see a dog that looks cute and cute, and nothing to complain if the pet owner rubs it round and flat. It really relieved the pressure, and I was happy when I decided to adopt a dog. .

However, in addition to keeping a dog, the owner should also set the rules for the dog and conduct appropriate training, to better comply with your orders.

4. Dress up for a nice dog.
All girls love cute and cute things, beautiful dogs and naturally high speed of rotation. Passersby will also praise your dog very well and obediently. Every time others praise your dog, they are happier than praising themselves.

Explain that your meticulous breeding still yields results. When you hear the appreciation of others, your mood is even more pleasant.

5. When working in harmony with Gouzi
A smart dog can quickly understand the meaning of the owner. A simple password or even a glance can tell what you think in the heart. This communication state also shows the level of understanding between you and the dog. There is a sensitive dog in the family. It is something that makes people feel satisfied.

If you want to have such a dog, it is best to start training from an early age, and reward some delicious snacks for good performance. It will be more cooperative.

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