Diarrhea when cats drink goat milk powder

Diarrhea when cats drink goat milk powder is not necessarily due to goat’s milk powdered too thick, the ratio cannot be controlled well, but it may also be due to the composition of goat’s milk, mothers should pay attention to powdered milk or due to gastrointestinal conditions. not good.

First of all, the ingredients of unknown origin, of unknown origin, the case of mixing a lot of milk or white powder will cause the animals to be lactose intolerant, diarrhea, soft stools, listless, many additives, easy to float. irritable, heavy tears, poor quality sheep. Powdered milk not only does not meet nutritional needs but also disrupts nutritional balance, causing children to suffer from malnutrition, body weakness, irreversible losses on the growth path.

Exercise caution when feeding your cat formula:

1. The formula that cats drink cannot be arbitrarily

Goat milk powder on the pet market is plentiful but there are very few special cat products, mostly for dogs and cats, this powder is often made for dogs because the market is for dogs. relatively large and small cats. In this regard, your cat should be fed cat food specifically for it, such as goat’s milk powder.

Of course, there are also those who love cats and the foreign brands of powdered milk superstitions, but they didn’t know that due to domestic restrictions not many types of formula actually made their way into the domestic market, however. , many unscrupulous merchants sold Sanwu products as imported goods for huge profits. Cat lovers must carefully examine and check if these foreign brands have customs declarations, inspection records, Chinese descriptions, etc.

2. Pay attention to the method of feeding the goat formula

Cats have just run out of breast milk, at this time drinking goat milk for cats needs to adapt a process, if the cat has diarrhea, it is necessary to consider whether the formula is too thick, need to dilute the formula, and try more. A few times, cats will usually take three or four days to adapt, and some cats take longer to adapt.

3. Eat probiotics the right way to improve

Cats are not mature enough to digest food, often have diarrhea, especially if they are not well adapted to formula, they can be treated with probiotics, after each drink should be given to cats. This has a very good effect on treating diarrhea.

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