Currently, many people choose to have a pet dog because having

Currently, many people choose to have a pet dog because having a dog will make it easier for people to dissipate stress. Gives people a lot of relaxation. And raise a pet dog, feed them leftovers as usual, leftovers is enough. It won’t cost too much money so many people are willing to donate.

There is an aunt, she only has a pet dog at home. The aunt raised a Teddy at home. Because Da Mo thinks Teddy is cute, like a child.

My aunt’s children are all farming, so I want to raise a puppy to spend the boring time every day. I didn’t expect the Teddy she raised was really like a baby. Not only is it cute as a child, but it can also do what a kid does.

The aunt finds out that Teddy can even ride a scooter one row that kids ride. So the aunt bought one for Teddy and let Teddy play it himself can dogs eat watermelon.

Teddy is really smart enough to play. It’s a style of play, and it’s speeding on the road. Her body had to run chasing after Teddy but what everyone did not expect is that Teddy refused to turn and fell on the grass beside the road. Turns out Teddy is just bronze.

Dogs are good friends of humans, obedient, cute and very human, especially likable, after being with humans for a long time they will develop deep feelings and make people not want to separate. Alaska can be described as a pet dog. Unlike other dog breeds, it has a long coat, authoritarian looking black and white fur and a very strong temperament, it gives a special kind of scissors, for the owner to obtain a face.

This kind of dog is sexually free, where can I tolerate this kind of grievance, the tight space is not enough for him to play around, this may make the dog uncomfortable to escape, so just can crash into it everywhere. Ran around, struggling helplessly, trying to escape from this confined house.

Since this dog is always rebellious, energetic and messing with the house, the owner is so angry that he aches his brain, and suddenly thinks that he will be honest if he doesn’t let it move! It turned out that the owner saw the tape on the table so he attracted the dog and tied his legs with tape, the dog looked dizzy and thought it would be done, but all were tied and it was put in one frame, and the owner was so funny, it was too much to put a big letter in front of the dog: “Seal” seemed to be doing something.

After tying the five flowers, the owner also took a super loud speaker placed in front of the dog, recorded the dog’s teachings, his tone was very serious, the dog looked at everything in front of his eyes so he could only obediently sit down, want to move but can’t. They were all made by themselves, and they gave off a look of helplessness, so annoyed that they couldn’t go anywhere.

The dog tried to get rid of the seal, tried and failed, then gave up struggling, heard the owner speak through the loudspeaker, watched the owner go out the door to know he was wrong, didn’t say a word, it was cute. . But it’s pitiful to treat dogs like this, people don’t mean it, they just want the freedom to go out, the owner is really too much, netizens, do you think this is good for dog?

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