Convinced me to raise a border shepherd

Speaking of Bian Mu, what people think of is their smart brains. Many people have posted on the Internet how smart their animal husband is, and people can’t help but have one. But after raising it, I regretted and discovered that although Bian Mu is smart, it has many shortcomings. Let me count 5 of Bianmu’s shortcomings below. If you want to improve it, I recommend that you read this article first.

1. Bianmu has great power

Bianmu is a big dog, and his strength is really great. Every time the pet owner takes the shepherd out, those with weaker strength will be dragged away and they will even be pulled down many times, each time they are covered with mud. I believe many large dog pet owners should meet Has this question.

Some people think that the Bian Shepherd should not develop a habit of pulling runners. If the Bian Shepherd wants to run in front of you while walking the dog, it is recommended that the pet owner must tighten the leash to limit Bian Shepherd’s behavior. If too many times, Bian Mu will know that the owner cannot be taken away.

2. Bian Mu likes to chase cars

As a shepherd dog, a border collie loves to chase, so even if the border collie has been tamed to become a domestic companion dog, it will still love to chase moving objects. . As a result, border livestock often chases cars, and even causes border animal injuries. We recommend that pet owners pay attention to the border and raise animals when they are going out, and do not allow them to chase the vehicle.

3. Very energetically

Because sheep are grazed every day, this shows that the Border Shepherd has a lot of exercise and has a great need for exercise. Therefore, every time the pet owner goes out to exercise, he is very tired, and the dog will not feel tired.

Therefore, when a pet owner walks the dog, it is best to make the animal jog the border for an hour to drain its energy, or arrange some intense training to let it release its energy. excess.

4. Too hard to discipline

Although Bian Mu is very intelligent, she has very poor obedience. It has its own intelligence. If it feels favorable, it will obey, and if it is not favorable, it will not listen to its owner. Therefore, for many new pets, Border Shepherd is too difficult to discipline and difficult to train.

5. Love hair loss

Although all dogs will shed their hair, Bianmu shed too much. I usually shed my hair every day, and during the molting season, dog hair is everywhere. Every time I brush it, I can lose a lot of hair. So taking care of it is really troublesome and annoying for many pet owners.

Guys, do you like Bian Mu? Or does Bian Mu in your family have these problems? If so, how did you solve it?

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