Check out 5 cons of Corgi

Corgi can say “red dog“, a hot dog, today I will look at some of Corgi’s shortcomings, if you dare to raise it after watching it, then you are a “real man”, Take a look Can you accept it?

Become a “fat person” by chance
Corgis are not picky about food, they eat everything, they don’t loosen up when eating and they are very fat. For all dogs, fat is bad, it will affect their internal organs and increase blood pressure. , Heart disease, etc., it needs a lot of energy and money.


Therefore, when the owner raises Corgi, it is best to eat regularly, and the diet cannot be sloppy.

Spine vulnerable
I believe everyone saw Corgi going up the stairs. Although it’s funny to go upstairs, did you know? Regularly letting it go up the stairs hurt it a lot. For a long time, this will also hurt Corgi’s lumbar spine and it can become paralyzed in old age, so when the owner holds the Corgi, don’t let him climb the stairs for a while. long time! Can dogs eat watermelon.

Low frame, easy to get dirty
One thing that Corgi pet owners will be concerned about is Corgi’s easy-going physique. Ke Ji is lively and active and likes to play. With Corgi’s 8 “big feet,” he went out for a walk. The next plate is dirty. In addition to scrubbing Corgi’s feet, the pet owner must also help him clean his stomach, otherwise Corgi will become smelly!

Stubborn personality, not easy to train.
Although Corgi likes to stick with people, his appearance is sunny and cheerful. But as a cattle dog, Corgi has a stubborn temperament. Sometimes he doesn’t give up until he reaches his goal, and he will be angry at his employer. If the owner fails to resolve the feelings of Corgi, Corgi can take revenge on the owner.

Because of this “stubbornness”, although intelligent, but the training is not easy, they may want to suit you according to their mood. So, if you want to train Corgi dogs, bring some training snacks to lure them, if you eat it, it is better to train.

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