Characteristics and perfect farming model of Satisfy Fish

Saap Butterfly fish is used for ornamental purposes or has other names such as Tac Ba Cham fish, Tac Cam Thach fish, and Lac ornamental fish. This is a type of aquarium fish belonging to the giant fish family. They are a small breed of aquarium fish, omnivorous and easy to keep. Saap Butterfly fish has a relatively fierce personality but can still be kept with fish of similar size. Nowadays, the model of raising fish is very popular. Meanwhile, the techniques of raising Sa Moi fish are not too difficult. If you also love this fish, please join us in this article.


Characteristics of Saap Butterfly fish

Sat Butterfly has a slightly flat body, almost ovoid-shaped, large eyes, slightly upturned head. The pectoral fins turn into rays that act like a fish’s sense, the ventral fins extending to the base of the tail. Adult fish are 10 – 15cm in size.

Chap Butterfly fish mainly in the aquarium has gray-green color, light yellow belly. In low light they will appear almost charcoal purple in color. There are three black dots on the fish body, gray fins and tails, white spots on edges.

Dorsal fin short set to tail and tall, slightly yellow in color. When the fish swim the dorsal fin raises as high as a small flag. Sac fish is suitable for living at 22-27 degrees C, without too much care. When the tank water lacks oxygen, fish have phenomenon of floating to the surface to breathe.

Chopper fish food

First of all, the farmer needs to know that this is an omnivorous fish. Chopper fish mainly feeds on small insects. As a child, because of a smaller body compared to other tropical fish, it mainly feeds on rotifers, Artemia larvae and small crustaceans.

When the fry is about 4-5 months old, you can feed it artificially. At this point, you can choose only worms or mudworms. The earthworms are a good prey for all aquarium fish.

This is a protein rich and nutritious food. According to the survey, the protein content of worm larvae, larvae, larvae ranges from 40% to 60%, which is very suitable for aquarium fish.

Because small crustaceans may not be guaranteed clean in the first place, care should be taken when feeding fish. Avoid allowing food to be contaminated. If the food is not guaranteed, it will be very bad for the digestive system and the health of the young fish.

It is best sterilization and cold storage. However, the cold storage period should not be too long. This will affect the freshness of the primer. After feeding the fish, any leftovers in the aquarium should be cleaned to avoid water contamination.

Additional food for Saap Butterfly fish

After the spawning period of the chopper fish, ie 6 months later, the addition of Daphnia and worms is necessary. It can be used to feed fish with small fish, shrimp, crab .. but should not be used too much. Combining different types of food can make a variety of fish food sources. Avoid the loss of appetite and achieve good growth.

Ca Sat prefers activities upstairs, so it loves to enjoy food floating on the water. Therefore, you can choose the right place for fish to eat.

You also notice that the amount of fish food changes with their development. Relying on the fish’s feeding level to adjust. Avoid feeding too much or too little choke fish. All of these have negative effects on the health of the fish.

Techniques of raising chopped fish

The Sat Butterfly is very easy to keep, however fry and adult fish need different feeding. Particularly, fish originated from propagation in fish farms have stricter nutritional requirements.

Omnivorous fish, food consisting of algae, insects, crustaceans, filariasis and pellets. They can be fed with almost anything, even they can eat small fish, so it is not recommended to keep them together with small fish and slow swimming. Types of crustaceans and small fish helps to help choke fish reproduce smoothly.

The adults are quite simple to raise, but the fry are very difficult to live. Due to their size is much smaller than other fish, only about 4mm. Whereas the average fry is 7mm long on average. Other species of fish can be preyed as soon as a few days after hatching, such as guppies, squid …

Model of breeding Chopper fish

The model of breeding Saapoi fish combined with other species of fish is now very popular. This model of fish culture helps to diversify your aquarium.

The fish species suitable for this model of the Oc Butterfly fish culture include friendly breeds with many common characteristics. Including fish living in surface water such as: Zebra fish, Pearl fish. Fish living in the middle layer are Red Kim fish, Bun fish and Canh Buom fish. Fish living in the bottom layer like Slave fish, Glass mop fish, and rainbow Thai mouse fish …

Techniques to raise grafted Saapoi fish are not difficult either. Just choose the right breed of fish to breed. Make sure they don’t fight while living together in school.

Techniques to raise fish grafted to Sauna in aquariums

Sac Butterfly fishes are kept in aquarium with Red Ket fish

Although the model of breeding Sa Moi fish is very easy to implement, but when keeping with other fish, there are some things to note:

Can be kept together with Red Ket, but the owner needs to remember carefully. The Red Redfish has a very strong sense of territory. If the marble fishes encroach on their territory, they will chase non-stop.

Only when we chase Sac fish out of our territory. You will need to have a detailed technique to keep the Oc fish to match the personality of the fish chosen to keep.

There is also a case of the Red Ket with a weak territorial consciousness. There is also a large Sac Moi fish that can be kept with big Red Red fish. But the small Red Ket fish can only be kept together with the small Red Ket.

Which breeds should not raise ornamental butterfly fish?

Cam Butterfly fish in aquariums will bite Guppies. It is also not possible to keep leopard-skinned fish and dragon fish because they have strong offensive properties. Saap Butterfly fish can not be kept together with Siamese fighting fish. They will stick to the tail of the Siamese fighting fish and bite their fins.

The Tac’s swimming speed is very fast while the Elves and the Glassfish swim quite slowly, so they are not suitable for keeping together. Sac Cam Thach fish and Sac Tran Chau fish are very suitable for keeping together.

Saap Butterfly fish will bully Sa Pearl fish. When bitten, when bitten, he will hide in a corner, he will not move. When he comes out, he will be chased.

Cannot be kept together with Giant Taiji. As a child it may not be a problem, but when the Tai Giac is an adult. They will bully the marble fish.

From the above things can be seen, it is not possible to inter-breed Ca Sat Butterfly with species larger than them. Can’t keep the same fish that swim too slowly.

Cannot be kept with tropical fish with long tails. Because they will not be restrained, but poke “you” fins. Also cannot be kept with tropical fish smaller than them.

The selling price of all kinds of butterfly fish

Saap Butterfly fish farming is quite cheap, depending on the locality, it will range from 5 – 10k / fish. For the smallholder family breeder, this breed of fish is an ideal choice. Satisfying aesthetics, moreover ensuring economic.

In the Saap Butterfly model, there is no need to invest too much in equipment and machinery. They can survive in oxygen-poor environments because of their accessory respiratory organs. Some kinds of fish are beautiful and easy to keep today: gabai fish, gabai fish, pearl fish, hippocampus fish, chong royal fish, …

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