Both are keeping golden retriever, why is the distance so great?

Both are keeping golden retriever, why is the distance so great?

The same breed can become very different under the training of different owners. What is the reason for this gap? In addition to being innate, that is, excluding genetic factors, it also has a lot to do with the training of the owner.

I heard that the golden retriever was very obedient, I felt that my family was just a fake dog.

After many people flocked to raise dogs, they began to complain, some netizens even claimed that they had had a bad luck and raised an unintelligent dog, in fact not objective when it comes to intelligence. The dog’s intelligence is also related to its owner. Oh.

The golden retriever taking a bath very obediently? Can your dog do it?

Regarding the temperament of the golden retriever, it is not necessary to say much.

Whether you are a dog breeder or not, you should be familiar with the golden retriever, the most impressive thing is its “harmless to humans and animals” expression.

In Thailand, a woman raised a golden retriever two years ago.

Female lead: It becomes a lot more sensible as an adult.

The owner just gave birth to a daughter a month ago.

“At first I was worried because dogs didn’t like it.” Her master’s words meant she was a bit afraid that her daughter would not be welcomed by dogs.

It is like the eldest brother, it becomes especially tender after seeing the baby.

Staff Shit Shovel: It will take the initiative to protect the baby, and it will come to me if something happens.

The little master will cry when he wakes up, and the golden retriever will share his master’s concerns in this matter.

The dog’s hearing is very good. If there is no Golden Retriever nearby, just hearing your crying, the Golden Retriever will immediately run to your room and look at your baby in the crib.

Do you think it just came to look at it?

Golden Retriever can do many things that make its owner especially satisfied.

“Neither did my husband and I know that dogs would know how to put a blanket.”

When babies cry, they often kick off cotton blankets, at this time the golden retriever will cover the child and, beside, put his nose in the blanket.

The Golden Retriever sniffed it, and then ran to the owner.

It looks at the owner with very “eager” eyes, and signals the pet to change the diaper.

Netizen: I think it’s more patient than my mother.

After the pet owner shared the video, netizens praised the Golden Retriever’s behavior, on the one hand jealous that the pet owner raised such a reasonable dog, in addition, the behavior of the Golden Retriever Also touched many netizens, some students even thought that they really wanted to raise a golden retriever.

There are many dogs playing with children, and not many people know how to cover babies.

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