Bome likes to go shopping

I don’t know whether you like big dogs or small dogs. For some girls, it is preferable to have a puppy. Netizens struggled for a long time when they chose to raise dogs and eventually decided to raise Bome. A puppy, it looks very cute, and netizens paid special attention to it.

Netizens often like to go shopping when they’re okay, and sometimes take Bome with them, which is inconvenient after taking it. You need to pay attention to it when looking at everything, always pay attention to what it is doing, so then netizens took the puppy out. .


By chance, netizens and Bome played together and accidentally put Bome in their pockets, and found that its head could only be exposed outside, for convenience when taking it out, without having to pay attention to it, Even if you choose When something is distracting, don’t worry about losing it.

Netizens tried it, put Bome in a bag and took it out with them, which is really convenient and does not affect others. Net Friendly is very happy as if discovering “New World”.

Every time a netizen took Bome out, the rate of looking back was very high. People don’t look at netizens but at pups in her pocket. This dog is too happy to live!

In fact, Bome doesn’t like being in the bag a lot, but is willing to go on her own, but the owner can’t be content with herself, because she feels very convenient, that is satisfying Bome going shopping with it, and not photos affect others.

In recent days, netizens don’t need to wait for Bome when they go out. They are not cared for by Corgi on your business trips, so they send them to let Bome and Corgi play together at home. .

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