Bianmu was smart at first

It is said that Bianmu is smart, but not many people know how smart it is. Most people only have one concept in their hearts, that is: Bianmu is smart! Most people don’t know how smart Bian Mu is and how much he can do it. do you know? It doesn’t matter if you don’t know, I’ll tell you how smart Bian Mu is! After reading it, you will know.

The best evidence of Bianmu’s IQ is cognitive ability and ability to imitate. First look at its cognitive ability. Ignoring other places, just by speaking English vocabulary, Bian Mu can memorize and recognize at least a thousand types of vocabulary from many words. What does this mean? This means it can understand a lot of the instructions you send, and it can even learn some knowledge or other stuff like a seven or eight year old child!

Precisely because its cognitive ability is strong enough for it to possess this level of imitation. Next, let’s take a look at Bian Mu’s ability to imitate ,! Bian Mu can imitate everyone’s movements. You can try it at home. Do yoga or some basic exercises before Bian Mu. If your border pastor is interested in your actions, you will find that while you are performing these actions, it also begins to learn how you take these actions slowly. A little more complicated action will get you It can’t be done, but it can be done very easily!

In addition, Bian Mu can learn many things. For example, an instrument can slowly learn to type just like you follow your movements. In other words, when you practice percussion, it can keep up with your beat, keep up with your rhythm and You swim in the ocean of music together. This is nothing, some Bianmu can even learn some simple piano points and can play more beautiful piano music! Well, you’re not mistaken, Bian Mu can really be like everyone, or even better than some people, play good music! Does this prove its IQ?

There are even stronger people! If your family pastor is caring and alert enough, it can even learn from you, do your chores and clean the environment at home! It makes more sense than your child! Therefore, Bian Mu is really a very intelligent dog, and its high IQ is undeniable!

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