Basic things to know when keeping aromatic kimfish

Aromatic kimfish is one of the most beautiful and popularly raised freshwater aquarium fish in the world. This fish is native to South America, mainly Brazil, Guyan. Aromatic needles have been introduced for several years. Although it has not caused a fever, it is also sought by many fish players. Here is some basic information about these breeds and how to keep them.


Living habits of aromatic needles

The adult aromatic fish is 20-25cm long, the egg shape is slightly flat. In nature they are pale orange in color, with many red spots on the gills. At present, the red aromatic metal fish has appeared, a new breed of fish bred in the aquarium environment. When raised in groups, they have an extremely vibrant and beautiful color.

Aromatic kimfish are omnivorous, and can eat small fish that fit their mouths. The main food is plankton living in the bottom layer. Fish can eat more worms, insects, industrial food, chicken liver. They eat a lot, but the most favorite is the worm.

When young, aromatic needles like to gather in groups, when they grow up they often split into separate pairs of males. They lay eggs on horizontal, not upright, substrates like discus or elves. It is possible to lay flat rocks, for them to lay eggs. During the breeding season they can become aggressive to protect the eggs and fry.

How to raise aromatic metal fish

As adaptable fish, they rarely get sick and do not require too much care. However, the farmer needs to maintain the right conditions to help them grow beautifully. Adults prefer soft water with a weak acidity. Like red snapper, water that is alkaline or hard should not be used. Thus, their color will become pale, losing its inherent luster.

22 – 30 ° C aquarium water temperature is ideal for healthy fish growth. But if you want the fish to grow quickly, it can be maintained at temperatures above 26 ° C. They are suitable for culture in weak acidic environments.

Aromatic needle fish raising beautiful color

Food is one of the most important factors in maintaining color. When the needle is about 6cm large, it will turn yellow, more than 10cm will turn into color, it will develop slowly. Unlike red snapper, they come red and yellow at the same time.

Industrial food helps fish turn red. Regularly feeding the caviar helps them turn yellow. The river prawns are used to highlight fine lines and spots. If the aromatic kimfish is raised for more than 10cm, the red vein does not appear, the farmer just needs to feed them shrimp everyday. Only after a month will have noticeable results.

This is a fish with a gentle personality, even a little shy. Therefore, they should not be kept together with highly competitive fish (such as sea buckthorn, red flower).

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