As a universal pet owner knows that their pets carry the parasite

As a universal pet owner knows that their pets carry the parasite, young couples must pay special attention to the pet, because Toxoplasma gondii in pets can cause health problems for the owner with pregnancy. So how should the owner do to harmonize with dogs after pregnancy? 1, making the test for antibodies to form a bow first Toxoplasma gondii brings a lot of effects to the fetus in the abdomen, the harm is not small, brothers and sisters preparing for pregnancy should be extremely careful. When an infected uterus forms, there will be no obvious symptoms but it is easy to cause miscarriage or stillbirth in the first trimester, premature birth or dangerous eye and brain diseases are also more likely to occur during the first trimester. The second most frightening is that the last 3 months of pregnancy will cause the fetus to have recessive infection, ie after birth, there is nothing erratic but a few months after birth will suffer mental retardation or heart defects, deafness in ownership. Unhealthy symptoms like a very small head. How does owner reconcile dog ownership after pregnancy? two. Determine the appropriate way to bring the inspection results The test for toxoplasma antibodies prior to pregnancy is appropriate for a woman’s possession, so that a number of risk elements can be checked clearly, after a period of regulation will cheap for fetus in womb with return of pregnancy. When the test result is positive, it means that you have an infection and you cannot get pregnant but can only be cured. At this time, the female friend should keep her pet in someone else’s house or authorize her friend to adopt, otherwise she will always be infected and unable to get pregnant.

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When the test result is negative, it means you are not infected, but for safety reasons, it is best not to keep a pet during pregnancy. assuming assistance is needed, the antibody screening should be done during the first and second trimester of pregnancy. Before, the standard of living was not very affordable, in order to make a living, only to earn money and go to work, nowadays, the living standard is more and more affordable, in the end time and ability to work also have to live slowly to relax. living. Traveling, bringing people who like to exercise, some people choose to raise animals, want little pets to paint beautiful “color patches” for their boring life, and dogs are one of the selection. The owner suspected the husky with bad blood, and used the strange behavior to detect it, but ended up almost dizzy! In the pet market, people have added a large number of “fools, dogs”, and generally unsatisfied business people to make “explosive profits” often use “low” as “low”. for example, helping dogs with fake identity checks, being purebred dogs coming to sell them and making huge profits from it.

The owner suspects the husky has bad blood, and uses strange behavior to detect it, but in the end is almost dizzy! In reality, everyday people cannot tell whether a dog’s pedigree is pure or bad. Unbeknownst to them, netizens have large brains and often come up with some “weird” ways to correct dogs, so they often come up with a lot of ridiculous things. . a man found a purebred husky in about a 6,000 public dog dealer. # bad and go home. Maybe because husky is too expensive. Men treat them very low every day. Delicious dishes, delicious and strong children have been prepared in advance, considered as being taken care of. If Husky encounters some “dizzying” problems, the man will be very heartbroken for a long time. The owner suspects the husky has bad blood, and consumes the strange behavior to detect it, but ends up almost dizzy! Besides, there was a change of times, the man felt that he had been deceived.

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Because the husks are raised by others, he likes to disturb his house every 3 to 5 hours. But he did not know that the man-raised husks were very pure and honest. It doesn’t look like a husky on the surface, you are quite suspicious, this is a benevolent golden dog, so the man always doubts he bought a fake Husky. As everyone knows, this man does not know where he knows about a bizarre search, it is said that he can immediately detect whether a Husky is purebred or not. Today when there is no rest and leisure, I immediately take my Husky to check. At first, the man tricked Husky into his side with the ingredients, then the man suddenly of poor quality pretended to fake death in front of the husky in front of him, and then Husky’s behavior completely caused the man to die. quiet. When he saw his host Husky lying on the ground, he commented on the man’s head, the man almost passed out in anger, then immediately danced up from the ground and pointed at the Husky. The owner suspects the husky is bad blood, and uses strange behavior to detect it, but in the end is almost dizzy! Then, the man launched the Husky’s behavior online, immediately attracting most of the netizens to watch and enjoy.

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