Animals, like humans

Animals, like humans, have a noble motherhood, whether their own children or the children of others, they do not mind their children starving to death or freezing. One netizen found such a touching scene at home, a while ago, the mother dog gave birth to a batch of small dogs, the owner also took care of the dog, bought a large tub and threw a layer of clothes. old on there. But, but️

The man put the crib in his room, thinking that the room should be warmer, but when he entered the room to see the little puppies, he found the mother dog lying in the crate and looked up at the man. At a glance, the man thought: This dog mother is not taking good care of her children, what are they looking at? The man curiously came over and found that in the dog cage there was a “child thief” who had stolen milk.

The man looked at the mother dog in the kennel, then a pack of puppies rushed in for the breast like a pack of hungry wolves, but a closer look realized that the mother dog was holding another baby.

Another dog lying on the top of the crib glanced awkwardly, turning out not to be a small dog making milk but a kitten.
The Golden Retriever can be said to be the most loved dog breed by netizens in the dog world, because it not only has a likable personality but also is very smart, smart, now it is also called “uncle. great warm “. But when the Golden Retriever was mischievous, she was as dumb as a husky. One netizen raised two golden retrievers, but after returning from work that day, only one yellow-haired dog lying on the sofa worried the owner and thought that the other was lost, so take a closer look. than. , Laugh on the spot.

The golden retriever know that golden retriever rarely causes problems for their owners, but the strange thing is that when the man calls for the golden retriever, he does not hear anything, and is near as the entire room was searched and no trace of it found. Meanwhile, the man ran up to the golden retriever and asked what was going on. The man watched the golden retriever lying solemnly on the sofa: Where are you going?

The golden retriever immediately raised his head when the owner asked about it, the man immediately covered his mouth and laughed, it turned out that the golden retriever had hidden the other under his stomach. Damn it, take this fat guy away, he’ll be crushed to death!

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