Although there are more and more pets these days

Although there are more and more pets these days, very few people can treat them well from start to finish, because the life span of dogs is very short and taking care of them is really simple. People only need They take more than ten years to make a dog happy for life, but most people can only be good with the dog for a short time, as they think the dog is too annoying, at first feel cute, gradually. I feel very bored.

So some people keep dogs for a while and choose to chase them away, let them roam the streets and protect themselves. Yesterday, the cleaning aunt picked up a small golden retriever from the trash can. The little golden retriever has been laundered by someone else. It was abandoned after being abused. It looks like a grandfather is with you, but the toilet aunt still feels life is precious. After going to the pet hospital for treatment, Jin Bao gradually recovered, then Jin Mao followed his aunt to work early and came home late every day.

Because Jin Mao is so sensitive, often follows the toilet aunt, everyone knows him, so every time there is an empty bottle, people give the bottle to Jin Mao, Jin Mao will bring the empty bottle to the aunt to clean and ask her to clean. sell. The Golden Retriever was really too reasonable to transfer the dog food money to it, really touched when the Golden Retriever thanked the aunt for cleaning this way.
More and more people love to keep pets, that’s why many people have also started the dog business, everyone has the mentality of like beauty, of course people prefer beauty. Popular because today precious dog breeds have entered the human life. Compared to native dogs they are more popular, native dogs are less and less popular. The treatment of them is also very miserable. Valuable and brutally abandoned by the owner.

Netizens saw a few small native dogs at the dog market, at first the owner brought a few small native dogs, but in the evening, the owner did not sell a small native dog. Because the dog buyer thought they were a bit ugly, the owner did not want to keep them. Because they were bulky, the owner abandoned them at the dog market.

After being abandoned by the owner, the small native dog quietly stays in a corner of the dog market, they can dream that the owner will come to pick them up, looking so pitiful and weak that people feel sorry. Netizens decided to take the little dogs home and raise them, although it will take time, energy and money, they can at least buy them, and they can’t watch them sitting on the street. .
Since the 21st century, China’s development has grown rapidly like a giant dragon taking off, helping many people enter a well-off society. Not to mention the improved living standards, there were still a lot of savings, which also created a lot. People began to nurture their emotions, such as writing, writing and painting, and many people raised. animals and plants.

Planting animals is not only for boring time, but also eye-catching, the most important thing is to be with yourself, not to let yourself alone, but also their existence can be add a lot of happiness to life.

It is for these reasons that more and more people have pets, especially cats and dogs, and many more people can see them on the road. More and more dog breeders, the current dog breeds are very plentiful, there are many small breeds for everyone to choose from, hotter than Teddy, Chihuahua, Schnauzer, … big breeds of dogs The most popular breeds, such as the Golden Retriever, Husky and German Shepherd, are relatively hot breeds.

And what we are talking about today is the husky, one of the oldest breeds of sled dogs. Its appearance is also one of the most wolf-like. But her personality is not inherited, in contrast to her cute personality, she is also known by many people as Erha. Because of its lofty beauty and mischievous personality, many people have raised it. This is not what we are saying, the owner of this household is also raising a Husky. Today’s Valentine’s Day, the host invites his girlfriend out, before going, he specially asked his dog to watch the house carefully and not be naughty. Although Husky outwardly agrees, but he plans to get revenge on the owner, not long after the owner leaves, Husky begins to remove the frame, at first it gets up from three small objects onto the bed and sofa. Everything is so messed up by him, finally finding his results quite good, the tired Huskies go to rest.

The owner dated his girlfriend home, seeing this scene, his excited face suddenly turned black. It’s a lesson to call your husky right away, but the expression on your Husky’s face is like someone telling you to go out, if you don’t go out, I won’t take it down. Emoticon.

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