Although dogs are always considered family members or friends

Although dogs are always considered family members or friends, they still carry some habits that we don’t feel good about together, such as the habit of turning trash and tearing the house apart, and habits. of them. This shovel officer’s habit cannot be cultivated. The dog overturned the trash can, picked up the stinking fried tofu bag, was frightened by the shoveled officer, and shrank his legs. RIO’s father knew about a shovel officer carrying three dogs. two of his three dogs are desperate to go into the post-trash. Due to the fact that the dog was digging for trash, that English shovel worker used to educate his dogs, but most dogs had a stroke in the right ear, I think a few days ago, the dogs were Get into the garbage board and steal the stinking fried tofu. The stand is bent. Due to the enthusiastic personality of the shovel staff, their families often invite friends to eat and play at home.

Once the shovel officers gathered friends to come and play, many of them didn’t have time to think about what the dogs in the house were doing. Therefore, dog consumption during this period is immoral. The dog overturned the trash coffin, picked up the stinking sheep tofu bag, was frightened by the shoveled officer and pulled his legs back. When the sausage officer was entertaining his friends again and could not pay attention to the dog, the youngest dog that had just been kicked out was awake immediately, rushing into the back of the garbage full of food, and he continued to pull out the trash . post. This dog not only pulled the stinking sheep tofu and chicken bones by himself and put it in the garbage shirt, but also took his mother and friends to enjoy it, but was able to enjoy the sheep while they enjoyed it. In the event of the tofu and chicken bones stinking stink, nature shovel staff appeared in front of them. Seeing that his dog had just digged through the trash to buy food, the shovel staff felt that at that time, they did not know that there was a fire so they calmly lifted up the sandals they were wearing on the soles of their feet to prepare to learn from rigorous experiences.

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Own fan of the dog. Therefore, the shovel officer forced the puppy that spun the trash with its forefoots to maintain a steady attitude listening to criticism and honest education with the secret to educate the other two dogs. crime but not action, even though the shovel officer did not let them stand, but he was not prepared to ignore them, so he asked them to stay in court and train. Since this is not the first time dogs have entered the garbage board, this time they have eaten all the chicken bones in the garbage shirt, so the shovel officer always held sandals and repeatedly threatened three people in the family. The dog said that: whoever gives everyone the courage to pull the deck of trash, and eat chicken bones, I’ll give you some peanuts to drink! The dog overturned the trash can, picked up the stinking fried tofu bag, was frightened by the shoveled officer, and shrank his legs. Hearing what the shovel officer said, the little Puppy turned his head apologetically and pretended to go to the other areas. At first, he assumed that his behavior could cause the boy to escape.

I thought that the shovel officer had seen through his heart, suddenly he turned around and started babbling at it: She narrowed her eyes to see what I was doing, don’t think I could leave. through you, this time I can’t catch you. Pick up the trash board, if you want me to come here, not only do I carry slippers, you should also prepare a dedicated wash table in advance! Before what the shovel officer reminded himself, the dog just sobbed: I did not make anything, reminded me, I also watched the excitement, why the punishment was even worse? Wow wow ~ when the manure shovel taught the puppies and their companions, the dog mother limited her own advantage, but the manure shovel never forgot that, she didn’t even pretend is a lame. It works. Mother dog: Mom, your legs are not very low, going through the garbage is not with vitality, you let go! Officer Shit Shovel: Don’t think that you can be dismissed if you’re lame. You and your daughter are two dogs at home that love picking up garbage coffins.

Don’t you think I’m not sure? This time I won’t train you, but you don’t even want to leave. You will see how well trained your girl is here! The dog overturned the garbage coffin, stole the stinking sheep tofu, was frightened by the shovel officer and shrank his legs. Since the dog’s act of overturning personal trash is not a good practice indeed, the dog pickpockets the chicken bones to ignore the garbage, and the shovel officer holds the slippers to allow the dog to eat. For the shovel officer’s house dogs with similar manners, they must be changed immediately. Maybe it’s not a pure thing to fix a bad habit, but RIO’s father still hopes the shovel officers can take care of the dogs so that the dogs fix the bad habit, otherwise we will regret it.

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