After the owner extended the head far

After the owner extended the head far by hand, it changed position from the other side to fall into the owner’s embrace. Bowing her head in the owner’s hand, she was completely unable to touch the dog. With the size and weight of the Tibetan clam, the owner could not stand Tsundere at all, her body leaned to the other side, and she was about to be knocked down by the dog’s aegyo. The completely spoiled owner who only likes to hit the big dog, asks the route that shares this scene: “Does your big dog make things like this rival?” As heavy as a child, not the male lead. bearable! In fact, no matter whether it’s a big dog or a puppy, most of them love cuddling. In the end, it’s their global owner, the most precious resource in the world, how can they be snatched away by other dogs? Big dogs are big, but their hearts are like children, the size and behavior of big dogs, on the contrary, when they make them, they will feel cuter. Does your dog like making a baby? Will you be jealous the moment you see you carry other dogs? why do dogs lay at your feet

the city, there are dogs and dogs are not fixed, dogs are small pets to practice the trade, persuading many people who know this point, dogs in the city are observant. Dog Market: The powerful meteor collie is sold as a slaughter dog, priced at 7 masses per catty for 300 yuan! In the prospect of market share that people take, everyone can see that all dogs are locked in narrow iron cages, dogs have difficulty sleeping on their side, so this dog model is really worth it. It is no longer a small pet, it just needs to be treated as a butcher dog. Dog Market: The strong meteorite frontier collie is sold as a slaughter dog, priced at 7 masses. # bad / catty for 300 masses. # bad! In a more understandable way, this pet dog was abandoned by its original owner, now temporarily locked in a narrow iron cage, later brought to the slaughterhouse by this recycling dealer. caesarean section. In the end, it was moved to everyone’s dinner table. Dog Market: The powerful meteor collie is sold as a butcher dog, for 7 yuan per catty for 300 people. # bad! In this narrow iron cage, people in the immediate future can realize the universal business, from the picture wants to see the meteorite, the frontier collie is like that, actually in pets.

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The dog was still very hot, but it was also thrown away by the original owner and regarded as slaughter. The dog market: the strong meteorite frontier collie sold as a butcher dog, priced at 7 yuan / catty for 300 yuan! So you can buy and sell pet dogs that are considered kill dogs? In practice, they do not follow the usual method of bidding, but only find and sell scales. To mention another secret, this pet dog’s price is determined by catty. About the current market share situation in the dog market, the price of a cat is about 7 yuan, of course, the price of 1 different pet dog will be different. Dog market: the strong meteorite frontier collie sold as a butcher dog, priced at 7 yuan / catty for 300 yuan masses! however, in terms of the average value of the dog meat market, it is similar at 7 yuan per catty. Such asteroid collie is generally not strong enough to go. The approximate market share price is also to mention another method, about 300 yuan, if the businessman can recycle the marginal collie for 300 yuan, will it own cost savings? In fact, similar marginal collies have no problems with their physical or mental health.

Although its human body was very strong, but many frontier collies like this were considered killed because of a problem of blood. Because popular people pay much attention to the issue of dog bloodline, and some people keep this dog breed to sell in market share, for example, too heavy bloodline problem will endanger Pingxiang. . As for what they do not make money, the reduction in profit points makes the universal person feel powerless, so the only solution is to treat the frontier collie as a butcher dog. The picture often shows some people asking for a number of dogs for slaughter in front of the dog slaughterers’ cars, all of whom are breeders buying pet dogs at the dog market. The taste of choosing pet dogs to raise. Some people feel that the dog’s condition is oversized so they will choose that pet dog to keep because of their sense of duty. In the photo, people can see the natural environment where the butcher dog is located is terrible. A milky white woman by the side could not bear the scent of this area. She covered her nose with her hand, the natural environment was unimaginable. In a similar pet dog, killing fruit fries is very suitable for consumption. That is it

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