A calcium supplement that pets cannot miss

Today, raising pets in Chinese families has become a trendy lifestyle and the way to take care of “human friends” has also become the main research content of the Guden Pet Health Research Center. And ahead of the 2020 Asian Pet Exhibition, Goodengao calcium lecithin particles were released.

The company’s leader, Mr. Manh, introduced which products and dogs need calcium supplements in detail.

1. Calcium tri-calcium blends in a more effective than simple preparations (this product is rich in calcium glycinate, calcium hydrogen phosphate and mild calcium carbonate. This is a skin care formula with high calcium content for pets, vitamins are supplemented at the same time D. Zinc, iron, magnesium, copper, fructooligosacarit help absorb calcium and reduce calcium loss, in addition, fresh chicken is specially added to have enough nutrition)

2. Fresh, nutritious lecithin egg yolks and fresh chicken.

3. The cold pressing process at low temperature, there is no high temperature during the whole process, keeping enough nutrition

Emergency dogs and cats need calcium supplements

Answer: 1. Puppies of large dogs will grow quickly after weaning, especially if they eat homemade food, they need calcium supplements in time. 2. If you eat animal liver and meat for a long time, these foods are low in calcium and high in vitamin A. High levels of vitamin A will inhibit the body’s absorption of calcium. 3. Childhood 2-3 months is an important stage for the formation of the disc, without calcium deficiency will cause disc dysplasia. Especially Shih Tzu, Pug, Beijing, etc. 4. Childhood 4–6 months of age is the period of tooth replacement. At this time, permanent teeth begin to erupt. Lack of calcium will cause permanent teeth to grow slowly, unevenly, thin and weak enamel, and they are susceptible to oral diseases such as gingivitis and adult halitosis. 5. Adult species and pregnancy. At this time, the semen of the dog and the embryo of the pregnant dog will cause osteoporosis due to lack of calcium in the calcium reserves. High, even coma and death. 7. Elderly pets. With age, a gradual decline in various functions, endocrine disorders and a decrease in the amount of calcium will cause osteoporosis and bone hyperplasia.

The main focus of its products is to help pets address calcium deficiency problems from the source. Products that continue the brand concept of “all life have the same value” and “focus on the nutrition and health of the pet”, meet many pet owners’ care needs and even more suitable for consumer pain points in pet care.

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